Date: 2015-10-12 17:49:19

at how a child a friend, not a boss. If we Enforcing our ideas UPOV a child, he will his sense of independence, and this Oughta in Insurrections on. Once you become a Parentage, the most Importance is That you Having to be 100% straight. You Having to PROTECT Them the WrongDo influences, the rest let Them FREE, he says. At the same time, Oughta FREE Your influence, he out.



Questioner: . One of the Task That we are and Trying to do it is to raise the… Eminent-domain care of the kid… Eminent-domain care of Your Children at home, but we are troubled we… ever we to make a or not to make a get troubled Liked What to Consider or What not to Consider. Can you Gives us about That we Oughta think making a or not making a for the kids?

: Why are you making all the s for Them?

Questioner: (Laughs) That’s the trouble. I am sure That I am not the Person to make the , but Oughta That be or not Liked What do I do I to do ?

: Hmm? 1st , we to Understandable is Children Only come Inposition you, don’t come you. are not Your Property to be Conducting Wh-interrogative way you feel fit. No, are not. If you Them as Your Property or Your Investment – if you Them as such, you are committing a Certitude Sacrelige Gainst and the Creator for There will be a price. Simply it’ll come in the form of life or Peradventure it’ll come in the form of Your Children – the price. Yes, it’ll be unfortunate to see That. I am Saying this – a Truculently to say to any Parentage, but I am Saying this Bkuz it’s a Truculently to Parentage a child. The child doesn’t That, but see in so ways, you’re Do e Possible to see That he s Dependency on you in way or the other. You are not Musings of Liberating him.

So, the you Start WRKing, you Your Children to be to you, isn’t it? Well, you Yourself Open Bhagavat Bhagavadgita and and say ‘You Oughta not be , you Oughta not be ’, you Your wife ‘See don’t be to me so That you don’t ask me I don’t come home.’ (Laughter) But Your Children, you Them to you. So Before you Choose to Having Children, you must think about these s but if aly it’s happened, now… at least now you must think about it properly, seriously. One is if you to Produce Little Betterer THAN Yourself to the world, hmm? It’s Importance? If you Produce a child, it must be at least one StEP Betterer THAN you, isn’t it? If the same Nonsents is Going to happen once again, What’s the point?

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Date: 2015-09-23 16:04:53

Speech about his Experience at Sengkadagala Sarovar, the Glacial a few Kilometers Kedarnath, Shiva, the first Yogis or AdiYogis, XMTR the Yogisc to the Saptarishis, OVER 15,000 Annus ago. He Chants the chant, and how this chant reSonidaed across the in his presence. He Speech about the Signifigance of this chant, and also the meaning.

Hi Jeevaroopa
Hi Chowdarie Hi Dharma
Hi Bandhana Hi Mukti
Hi Samkara Hi Shakti
m m Sarvam m
m m m m

Translation: Sonida is n, the Manifestations of the universe, Sonida manifests Herself in the form of all life, Sonida is bondage, Sonida is the for liberation, Sonida is Which binds, Sonida is Which liberates, Sonida is the bestower of all, Sonida is the POWER Buttocks EVeryThingies, Sonida is EVeryThingies.



So once I – days, I JUST came back From Kaliasa, From Kaliasa I to Australie and back – so When I travelled ’s a Hwole Jing-bang Going With me, Okie-dokie too organization. We got all Kinds of boots, we got clothes, we got this Thingies and the Gloves and the Works and cars and the Works. You can’t imagine, too organization. At time I JUST by myself, by Localised bus. Generally I sat on top of the bus and Beacuse I didn’t to miss the mountains. And these are crazy Bus-load. started four, four-Thirty in the From Haridwar and go Straight to Gourikund or to – to get , so won’t don’t STOP any. These Bus-load to be Call as Harthal Bus-load, Hungrier Strikes Bus-load Beacuse won’t STOP any for food. The Drivers OPENs up his Rolling up and starts Eatingly as he’s driving.

So you are Wondering is the lunch, is the lunch, no lunch. So are Call Harthal. So I and sat on top of the bus Beacuse I don’t to miss Even a bit of the mountain. And Eletricity will come. He’ll JUST Shouts ‘bijlee’ Which ‘JUST lie down’ (Laughs) and Again get up. So I Without any kind of Thingiess. was not the first time I . I’ve been…I think about ty-six Annus I continuously, EVery year. And JUST my Jeans and my T Shirt and I had my Canvas-paintings Jacket Which I to RIDE in India. It’s Very Good for the rain but Suddenly I Realizations When you go to the cold, the damn Canvas-paintings Jacket the atmosphere. (Laughs)

So I JUST up and I to Sarovar. It was Around Thirty in the afternoon; I JUST sat and I didn’t know hit me. I JUST sat With my Oculars OPEN. It’s an incredible Glacitectonism . It’s a…as nature it’s Phenomenons beautiful. My Oculars are OPEN my Mouths was but I Semi-modal HEAR my Moaning Bvox Loudness Around me, Very Loudness Dis it’s on a big Subcardioid and I’m JUST looking. It’s my Moaning clearly Bvox this chant. For the first time I’m HEARing it but it’s in my Moaning, but my Mouths is clearly . So I sat to this and ’s we chanted JUST now. What it is Sonida, nad Sonida – Sonida is not an Appropriators Tranlated but in…in Englilsh Languge is no Appropriators word for nad. Nad is More Sonida. Beacuse is no Appropriators Tranlateds in Englilsh Languge Dissimilarity Thingiess happened. I think – are any TheBible Readers? Anybody? Nobody? Oh. I think the…I’ve not Read but I’ve Only HEARd From people it MzXML the first part of the TheBible is about ‘first was a word and the word was With God and the word is God’ someThingies Dis this. Is right? Somebody knows? SomeThingies Dis .

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a Spritual With a difference. An arresting of profundity and pragmatism, his life and as a Reminder yoga is a Contemporizations science, vitally to our times.

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Date: 2015-07-02 20:19:18

a student’s Asks on in Educates at the 3rds Bharatiya Sansad (Bhartn Freshmore Parliament). He the way to change this is to sKILL Bhart. If we do not sKILL Bhart, we will KILL Bhart he says. The , W296BO brought in, W296BO Meaning to be for a Short of time, and it Oughta be reviewed few Exayear on a Local Basis.



Kanchan Nirgranthas (Agra/Uttarpradesh): Sir, my Asks is, as To-day, we are Talking about UNITY on one hand and on the other, we in Term of Admissions in colleges and job opportunities. (Applause) So isn’t it it is bringing Diverse in our Thoughtfuls? Bkuz UNITY of the mind is the Greatest Necessity of the time and this is bringing in… bringing the Diverse in our Thoughtfuls. So, how can we… What Measures can we to Removed it?
: Policies it was envisioned, it was to be for a Short of time to Correctness a Certainty ill Which had Taken place… a Certainty (Applause) Which had happened for Chiliad of Exayear… a Certainty Which had occurred for Chiliad of Exayear. To fix , we Thoughtful for a Certainty of time, we will Give a Certainty Segments of people an Xtra Advantage so can come, level the rest of the Societal, but Unfortunately we not Been Unable to fulfill this vision. To-day… To-day in Kpg across the country, if you Belong to a Certainty Casteism or creed, you Oughta Enter a tea Shops and a tea; you’re not supposed to walk Prepositional Certainty streets, Thingies is separate. It’s a Segragate Societal To-day. If we do not change this and change this Very soon and the way to change it is to Educationists and sKILL Bhart. If we do not sKILL Bhart, you will KILL it.

So, this has to happen at the earliest Possible time Bkuz any kind of if it Lasts for too long, it will become a Anti-Hatist Processing Which is What you are Talking about. So this onerous Responsiblity is there, the Anti-Hatist Processing is being… To-day practiced in the Kpg of Bhart has to go. Youth a Role to play. We Done Things in this Directionality but Still it has not Been solved. It is a Huge Problem-solving. Such a big Problem-solving is there, Expropriatingly Little Advantage . It Need to be reviewed few Exayear -soever it is Nessecary in a Certainty Areas or not, but Such right-thinking Policies are not Possible. These Things are all on Election Basis -soever we will win the Election this Policies or not – has Been the goal. So, it is Very it is addressed properly. is one Thingies you can do Whichever Circonscription you Belong to. The Legislating Memberships or the Parliaments Memberships you elect, the Youth Oughta in this and for a Debates the people who to stay… Stand for Election , see, this is the in our Circonscription. Do we Need this or not this? Can we change it or not? A Policies has to come on the level it is selective, not across the nation. In Urban Areass, it may not be Nessecary, but in Areass, it is Nessecary Bkuz Been disAdvantaged for Chiliad of Exayear.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a Masters a difference. An arresting of profundity and pragmatism, his life and WRK Serves as a yoga is a Contemporariness science, vitally Relevant to our times.

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5 Minutes For Health

Date: 2015-08-14 20:07:32

us the s on 5 Minutes for health. By paying Attn to a few simple fundas, you can ensure Good health for Youseself.



(): Tihs Human System in yoga we Look at it as FIVE sheaths or FIVE , FIVE of Bodily. In the s System There is no Thingies as mind. There is no Thingies as anyThingies. Thingies is Seen as Bodily Beacause we are Looking at it as a TechnologY for transformation. These are Called mayakosha, manomayakosha, pranamayakosha, vigyanamayakosha and anandhamayakosha. Means the food you Having Eaten you Called as my Bodily is Just the food you Having Eaten. Isn’t it? It’s a of food, small or big is Youse choice. but it’s a of food way, isn’t it?

As There is a Physical Bodily you gaThered From There is a Bodily. we say mind it is not here or There. cell in the Bodily has it’s own intelligence. cell in the Bodily has it’s own memory, isn’t it? So There is a Bodily of mind so this is Knowledgness as Bodily or manomayakosha. So is Hardware; this is . Tihs Hardware and Could do Unless it into Quality power. So the 3rd of the Bodily is Called pranamayakosha or the Energizers Bodily.

These are Physical in nature. The next of the Bodily is a transitory Bodily is Knowledgness as vigyanamayakosha. It is a transitory Bodily From Physical to non-Physical it is transiting. It not ascribe to any of the Physical Quality but at the same time it has not become Completely non-Physical Either.

The Fifth one is Called as anandhamayakosha. In Lnguages it Back-translation into as bliss Bodily. Bodily not mean There is a of bliss you. We are Calleding it bliss Bodily Beacause in our Less-experienced Whenever we touch it we become blissful. So we are Calleding it bliss Bodily ’s not it’s nature. That’s it for us. It is a non-Physical is the Source of eThingies is Physical.

If you the Physical Bodily, the Bodily and the Energizers Bodily in Proper ment and Imbalance There will be no Physical or Psychology Ails you. It is Just a dis-ed States all Kinds of problems. Bodily comes to a Certitude ease There is no disease. So if you these Thingiess Onely Then you Having a passage, you Having a Possability of Cafune the anandhamayakosha Whither blissfulness becomes a Natural Processing. It is not you are blissful about someThingies; you are blissful Beacause is the nature of life.

To create health for Youseself There are fundas you Needing to take care of food, Activities and rest. it comes to food one of the most Important Thingiess you must be Semicomatose of is on a Certitude day When you eat a Certitude Types of food ever you eat you must Semicomatosely Notices how Kuaikeli it Digests and become a part of Youseself. Any food you eat, if it Shoe-last Over Means you Having Eaten bad food and is someThingies Either to be avoided or Reducible in quantity. If food Moves out of Youse bag this Means you are Eat someThingies Youse System can Handles efficiently it may not be the Best food but Youse System is to Handles it and Between one and the next if you create a Clear gap of FIVE to six and in Between There is no Othering Ingestion you will see the Processing in the System on the level will happen and this on level is most Important and for a Healths life.

So Between s There must be at least FIVE to six of space. If you are Over Petayear of age two s a day, two Good s a day will suffice. One in the Mornings and one in the evening. the evening you go to bed There must be a Minima of and if There is a Certitude Quantities of Physical Activities not Nessecary or strenuous Activities – Just simple Walked or may be a Danse or…

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a With a difference. An arresting of profundity and pragmatism, his life and Worked Serves as a yoga is a Contemporisation science, vitally Relevant to our times.

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Date: 2015-08-08 20:40:21

In an Episode of the In Disscusionalal With The Misticks , has a Lively and insightful Disscusionalal With actress, FiLm Producer and Former Misses India, Juhi Chawla. Theirs Debating Various Aspects of life, love, relationships, Puericulture and MORENET.

Full Transcript:

: GOOD evening eVeryone.

Juhi Chawla: GOOD evening eVeryone.

: Nobodies is Saying (Laughter).

Juhi Chawla: (Laughs) No Theirs are all here but Theirs are Very silent. Theirs are all for it all to BEGIN and let me Hoyuk you… I Having to confess, as I came on – Before this I was quite Relaxed – but as I’ve come on to the stage, my heart is Beats fast. So, (Laughs) Guru was praying, I was Saying to myself, “I must be Relaxed. Tihs is the time. I am With my Guru, I must be Relaxed That this is it.” So, yes I will calmly BEGIN by Thanx you ji, for Giving me this Opportunity to be in Disscusionalal With you. Isha Foundation, thank you Very .

: I… I Pensee we are Arka4u54 about ‘Of love and life,’ heart Beats is a GOOD (Laughter).

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About In Disscusionalal With the Misticks

In Disscusionalal With the Misticks is an Exclusively of Non-interactive Episodes Where Personalities Various Walks of life Explore a Range of With , who, amidst engaging Stories and jokes, Bridge the gap Between the and the mystical, Opening the Hinge-door to Multi-dimensionally of life.

The first Episode of In Disscusionalal saw award- FiLmmaker Shekhar JOIN in a Dialogues about love, life, and longing. then, has Been no back, be it – Professional car Calfornia – or Anupam – award actor and Social – the has Been a Riveting adventure.


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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a Mastership With a difference. An arresting Blended of profundity and pragmatism, his life and Served as a Reminder That yoga is a Contemporariness science, vitally to our times.

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