• Relaxing Music 9 Hour MEGA Playlist ❤ Over 100 Ambient Music Tracks ❤ Study Music
  • ❤ Relaxing Music with Singing Birds and Waterfall Sounds ❤ Spa, Yoga, Meditation, Study, Zen
  • Super Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds – 3 Hour Film ☯
  • 528 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music "Sounds of Nature"
  • Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Fall Asleep Fast, Soft Piano Music, Ocean Waves ★104
  • Tantric Massage & Meditation
  • Sleep Music Video with Gentle Wave Sounds 🌙 Super Relaxing Music for Sleeping ⭐ 8 Hours
  • 8 Hours of Relaxing Music – Blissful!
  • Relaxing Music for Pilates
  • Serotonin Release Music with Alpha Waves – Binaural Beats Relaxing Music, Happiness Frequency
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Product Details

  • Original Release Date: June 2, 2015
  • Release Date: June 2, 2015
  • Label: Cobra Entertainment LLC
  • Copyright: (C) 2015 Cobra Entertainment LLC
  • Total Length: 9:22:29
    • Genres:
    • New Age

Customer Reviews

Never mind the title. It’s pleasant, interesting music for 99 cents.

 on July 14, 2015
By David Boon
I think I’ve actually listen to all 9 hours of this. While reading the Washington Post. I didn’t keep track, but it took maybe two weeks. I kept coming back because it is pleasant, interesting music. There’s catchy rhythm, intricate melody, jazz, jungle music, sea lions (they sound like trolls), classical, ethnic something-or-other, choral, and maybe some is rock and roll. There is an interesting segue thing where, for example, birds tweet at the end of one track, and then the same birds tweet some more as an intro to the next track. Somehow this music all fits together, sort of.

Tranquil and relaxing music

 on June 24, 2015
By Beach Life
Wow, all these songs for such a small price! I really like a lot of them. You honestly can’t go wrong here. There are a few songs that didn’t strike my interest i.e. songs that have that lounge sound like a restaurant from the 70s, but for the most part, most are really good songs. I still have a long ways to go to hear all of them but for me over 90 percent so far I like. These songs are terrific for meditation, for just relaxing, for background music at a more tranquil party. This wouldn’t be for a dance party of course, but some background music lightly going on with a casual talk among friends would be great. This is wonderful for a romantic twosome together. This would also be good to just sit and listen and take a hot soaking bath or sauna. So this will work for a lot of things including just wanting to shut out all the noise of the city, or at work, and just have some peace. Thumbs up on this album!

Unobtrusive Background Music

 on October 13, 2017
By Ted M.
I have to agree with the other reviewers. Yes – the music sometimes sounds like vintage new age stuff from the ’80s and ’90s. And yes – the nature and bird sounds occasionally appear at funny times. But for the low price, “you can’t go wrong” for 100 songs.

A bit "old school" but not bad for the price

 on January 19, 2017
By On the Path
This is a collection what sounds like 80s and 90s New Age “muzak” tracks with additional nature sounds layered over them. It’s nice and relaxing, but a bit high on the “cheese” factor. I do not regret my purchase though. I like the retro feel.

Some are great meditation background, Some are good sleep background, but I found some cuts to be to jarring for either,

 on March 19, 2017
By David Courter
Some are great meditation background, Some are good sleep background, but I found some cuts to be to jarring for either, like the ones with the loud animal sounds.. I am a satisfied customer.

Nice grounding music

 on July 23, 2016
By Anna L. Bain
Used this music for my yoga class today and I really like it! Flowed well with my program and has a lot a variety in sound, styles. Can’t beat it for 99 cents!

Five Stars

 on August 7, 2017
By Modesty Fashion
this is relaxing music and natural sounds to listen to.

Great Meditation Music

 on January 5, 2016
By Hugh D. Chapman
I’m not into Yoga but I wanted to try some of the meditation music they use. I found this recording very pleasant and I will listen to it often. 


 on October 2, 2016
By Dawn Breikss
Great music for relaxation and meditation. I am a therapist and recommend it to my clients. I like that there is a variety of types of music in it.

You pay for what you get

 on August 25, 2016
By Stephanie Pahwa
I played this when my instructor came over without previewing- big mistake- at least we got a good laugh and it wasn’t to big of a loss at its price point- I can use at least 5 of the 100……