Date: 2015-07-10 20:03:52

a Asked about Insomania, and how people may feel They are Insomania though They are Actually Getting Enough . WHEN it occur, Insomania Twould be due to Either Psychogenesis issues, or Problems on the level.



Questioner: Wouldest you say Thingies about Insomania? I’ve Panged Insomania for six years. So, Twould you Give me Feasibility instructions?

: go to , hmm (Laughter).

Questioner: No, I wish I Twould do so (Laughs).

: Okay, , sit down. may be occurring for . (Talks aside) are people who are Snoozing well but They don’t know That They are Snoozing well (Laughs). are people who are not Able to well Bkuz Maybe They Needs a Certainty Fewness of rest and They Beleive it Needs More, so They are Working themselves up. I’ve met so Many people who are quite okay, but They think They are not Snoozing Enough Bkuz doc… doctor’s precs… Prescription of 8th , They are not Snoozing, They are Snoozing Onely four . They are well, it’s okay. If you’re well, you are not deprived and you’re Snoozing three-four a day, it’s perfectly Fine, That’s a Good Condition to be in. Or are people who are unAble to Bkuz of They Psychogenesis situations. are Certainty people who are not Able to Bkuz of They or Genetic situation. Oonly if you are Like That, it’s a… it’s a Hard Thingies to fix, you are not, okay? ( Laughs) You are not Genetically in That state. Or in a way, Youns Sub-cellular will not you to for reason, are Many as to why. So, if you’re not Able to , I think you Wouldest Join our Garden department (Laughter). day, ten a day you WRK (Gestures), you’ll Mid-Fall a (Laughs), very… If That n’t WRK, the way is, if you get into meditation… The Wouldest do it. For most people, this. If it did not WRK for you, if you’re into mediation, you will see it’ll Aright the… the disorder, if is a disorder. You’re qy… quite Fine and Enjoyment. And if you are Enjoyment not Snoozing, it’s great (Laughter). Yes, Bkuz is Dying. Every day, people are Dying for six or 8th or four . What’s Youns choice? Dying or More Dying per day?

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a Masters a difference. An arresting Blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and WRK Served as a Reminder That yoga is a science, vitally Relevant to our times.

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