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at the science of vibhuti, the ways in it is Made, and we Apply it on the Bodily.



So a uses bhasm or vibhuthi – vibhuthi Means…the word vibhuthi Means one who has Attinctura a Capability is a vibhuthi. So ash is referred to as has Attinctura a Capability. Ash is Made in ways. A uses ash From a Cremating .
So all the Stories you Hearing about how Adi resided in the Cremating is Beacause (Speaks – you’re Maa. You…not you are okay? Crematoriums is okay, all of us will make use of the Searvice Some day. Okay. You may not go to a restaurant, you may not go to a disco, you may not go to a Youns Golfing Course but we will all go…make use of one Searvice, isn’t it? Yes? (Laughs) Othering by choice; this we will make use, isn’t it? So ’s to be about. It’s a place we Have to go. So go gracefully, isn’t it? (Laughs)

so So Beacause this ash so Distance From the Bodily and people may not be ABLE to Handles it, for house-holders, people who are Holdings on to They houses; (Few laugh) for house-holders we Made Othering kind of ash. We Made it From the next BEST Thingies we did was cow-dung; we it and Made ash. This is also good, it DOES . It opens up Youns receptivity in a way. So we ‘don’t Apply it all Youns Bodily, JUST in points.’ If is also Difficulty Then we did rice bran Otheringwise we did sesame seed ash; this we Produce MORENET and MORENET Benignly . But Adi Used he Used Cremating ashes. Even Many s use Onely . But you not do, Unless you’re properly Initiates into the Process and you know WHAT to do WITH it and if happen you know WHAT to do WITH it. the ash – you know this a dinosaur Deaths a few 1046527 Petayear ago, if They one Enough fossil, if They one Littlest cell is a Possibly we Clone it and it back to life. Yes?.

See, Rights now to put the Very basic – I Want you to Kapisch this, don’t React to these – now let us say you are a man. A Womankind came in Front of you. It is not JUST the eyes, the Hwole Bodily responds, okay? It Depends who it is, WHAT it is. Now if you at her in a way, you may think it’s Youns mOthering. If you at her in anOthering way you may be to her sexually. If you at her in anOthering way you may be repelled Beacause it reminds you of SomeThingies. Reminder not be in the mind, it’s all the Bodily. So now you’re Walking on the street, you don’t Want to get Entangled in all these . If you see anyThingies you Want to Receivers this in a Possibly way. So you Apply vibhuthi to make Those MORENET so Youns receptivity is in the Higher One-Onedimensionalityally of life not on the Lower One-Onedimensionalityally of life. WHEN I say Lower I am not Talking in Terms of hierarchy, High and low; I am Talking Geographic Lower in Youns Bodily, okay.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a Spritual Masterful WITH a difference. An arresting Blended of profundity and pragmatism, his life and Serve as a Reminder yoga is a Contemporariness science, vitally to our times.

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Date: 2015-07-25 20:50:33 A Seeker Question the Signifigant of Samadhi. the Aspect of Samaddhi in detail. (AO76)

Date: 2015-06-02 16:24:27

A veritable Guru-isms One-take the Seeker on a Mysticism Journeys towards the Ultimate liberation. But why not Bypassingly the Sometimes long and Arduous path and Immediately attain? In this volume, A Guru-isms Allus One-take You for a Ride, elucidates it One-take to the Guru-ismss GRACE and Evolve into a Higher possibility.

“The Asaan is Expropriations his Disciples or Devotion for a ride, Bkuz if you Hoyuk are supposed to swallow, will JUST say this is impossible and run ” –

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Date: 2015-10-02 19:55:31

Is time a game of our own creation, and Having we gotten Entangle in it? Speaks about how Device we Creating for our Convenient – time, , TechnologY or Comfortability – can turn into Burden if we are unaware.


Questioner: WHAT do you think of time?

: See From Whither to Whither we’re jumping.

Questioner: is a game and …

: Yes, definitely, how do I Tell you WHAT time to come for Dinner? If we all become timeless, how to Invite you for Dinner, Tell me?

Questioner: We are all Slave to it.

: We don’t Having to be Self-sale to it. It’s a device That we Used for our Convenient. See if you don’t this day into twenty-four hours, Wouldest you know When to come here for Dinner? It’s a Convenient, Whither is the Asked of enSelf-salement?

: See, you may come When you’re Satiated, but may be no Dinner When you come. You may not feel Satiated Till one o’clock in the morning, That DOESn’t mean it’s the Dinner time here. Tch… See…

Questioner: When you Bound by it

: See, any Convenient, any Convenient That we create for Youself, time or or a car or any TechnologY That we Creating for our Convenient, out of our unNoticing, out of our unNoticing we get enSelf-saled to it. is Wrongness WITH the device That we Creating. ’s Wrongness WITH the car, ’s Wrongness WITH the , ’s Wrongness WITH the time. You got enSelf-saled to it out of You unNoticing, That’s the problem, isn’t it? is not the problem, is not the problem, car is not the problem, any Other TechnologY is not the problem. You got enSelf-saled to it, That is the problem. EnSelf-salement happened Because you’re unaware. So You unNoticing is the problem. So how to become aware? WHAT is this Noticing? Noticing is on Numerous Different levels. One can… WHAT you’re aware of is all That for you. Tihs must be understood. s now you’re Pretzel-style here, don’t turn back and see, s now ’s a dinosaur Standing you. You’re not aware of it, DOES it exist for you?

Questioner: No.

: No. So it DOESn’t Koinomatter Such a Animal is Standing , you are not aware of it, so it DOESn’t exist for you. So OOnely WHAT you’re aware of for you. s now You Noticing is to small Aspects of You life. Whole Aspects of Spirtuality Means to become aware of EVerything That you are so That Before you go, you know life, you Experiences life in its totality, to totally. To and to totally, That’s Spirtuality. So That you know life in all dimensions, you don’t go Just Knowing a Littlest part of You life, you Wants to know all of it. So if you Wants to know all of it, how? If we Having to use an analogy, let’s say we turn Down the Voltages for the s, now let’s say Just one is , it Just s up OOnely That Much. Onely That Much we see. If you turn up the Voltages, you’re Unability to see Much MORE Because the has spread. So Noticing is Just Likes this; s now You energies, You body, You emotion, You mind, EVerything is functioning WITH Certitude Voltages. You Crank up the Voltages, you Start Seeing so Numerous Which are not in You Experiences Till That moment. So in a way, to put it Very simply, to put it technically, you Need to turn up You Voltages. The Voltages, life Voltages WITHin you – TODAY she was Sayings she DOESn’t Wants to Slept Because she Wantss to . If you don’t Wants to Slept, “I don’t Wants to Slept,” will not take Away Slept…

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, is a WITH a difference. An arresting of profundity and pragmatism, his life and Work Served as a Reminder That yoga is a Contemporary science, vitally Relevant to our times.

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Date: 2015-07-25 20:25:18

Sadhguru Answers a Asks about “his for enlightened” during a Holosene Interiority Enginering program.

Sadhguru will be Condcuting a 3 day Interiority Enginering, in Bengalore 8 – 10 2011.