• Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Cathe Friedrich’s STS Workout Program
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    STS Squat Rack Routines
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Cathe Friedrich’s Slide & Glide Workout
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Cathe Friedrich’s Low Impact Total BodyTrisets Lower Body on Fitness On Demand
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Brood 9 Stunt System DVD – Stuntman Guide
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Cathe Friedrich STS Preview
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
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  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Get More Out of Strength Training – Eggland’s Best
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Cathe Friedrich’s STS 36 DVD set + User Guide
  • Cathe Friedrich's STS 36 DVD Set + User Guide
    Paul Katami 4X4 System – 10 DVDs, Stretch Rope & Foam Roller
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What's included with this discount package? 1. STS mesocycle #1 (12 DVD set) 2. STS mesocycle #2 (12 DVD set) 3. STS mesocycle #3 (12 DVD set) 4. STS User's Guide *Ab Circuits is not included in this discount bundle, but may be purchased separately for only $22 STS features three mesocycles, each lasting four weeks. Each mesocycle is designed to stimulate your muscles and body in a different way. The STS program is designed to be simple and easy to use. Every STS DVD is numbered so that you can easily identify which DVD you will need for that day's workout. Each week combines exercises you have done in the previous weeks with totally fresh exercises that you haven't done before. This way you always have some exercises that you are familiar and more comfortable with and new exercises that will keep your body's muscles always guessing and challenged in new ways. You will notice that every workout in the STS series has an information bar located at the bottom of your screen that will appear at the beginning of every break and will then disappear once the break is over. The information bar will always display how much time is left before the next exercise begins and will tell what the next exercise is as well as what equipment you will need. Other information like percentage of one rep max, reps and targeted muscle groups will also be displayed.

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Customer Reviews

Do it!

 on February 15, 2017
By anonymous
Huge fan. Cathe is professional, scientifically-informed and effective. She’s hard! These are hard. No doubt. AND I feel amazing doing it. Be prepared to spend some $ on equipment (or time finding it all secondhand). Cathe really recommends, and I get why, determining your one rep max before you begin the series. For me, it was so daunting to do so I just kept putting off getting started. I just dove in and guessed; I’m about a week in and I’m really glad I did. I take notes so I’ll know the next time I cycle through but just happy to have started.

The workouts are great, but take a lot of equipment and are …

 on July 20, 2017
By Amichelle
The workouts are great, but take a lot of equipment and are LONG. I wish they were about 15 mins shorter. I need to be in and out of my home gym in under 45 mins to complete my morning workouts, so I always end up cutting these short.

Thank You, Cathe

 on December 7, 2013
By Amazon Customer
This product works as advertised. It probably helps that Cathe Friedrich is a genius. If you are just starting out, you will probably have to put together a small home gym to use these disks effectively. If you do it right, this will be a one-time purchase. If you buy smart, you can assemble a set of durable workout gear that will last the rest of your life. These disks will be the heart and the brains of your new home gym.

Five Stars

 on May 2, 2016
By James L.
Met my expectations.

I absolutely love these workouts

 on July 23, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Just finished 1st month. I absolutely love these workouts!!

I believe this to be the best series the industry has to offer!!!

 on February 10, 2016
By Allen
I had no idea what I was getting when I purchased this program. I am a 44 year old male, retired from the military and in decent shape. I initially passed on doing P90X because the workouts were 50 plus minutes. I owned the Chest and Back DVD from purchasing the P90X pull up bar at Walmart (I liked that it had multiple hand positions compared to its counterparts) and searched youtube to see if I could get an idea what some of the other workouts in the P90X series were like. Yet, here I am doing a strength training program that ranges from 43 to 69 minutes per session. This is the first time I have lifted weights in many years (more of the daily pushups, sit ups and running, during my Active Duty service.) I passed on the 40 DVD set, because I do not own a squat rack. I bought my 36 DVD set on Cathe’s website for $139.97 and probably could of gotten a better deal if I had known about her “daily discount deals” from the beginning. I was able to purchase other series with as much as $20 off the set. I am in week 10 (I will complete Disc 30 when I wake up tomorrow.) I am really impressed with this program. She took the time to film and edit 36 individual workouts! That says a lot. I never felt bored or like I was doing the same thing over and over (except for the warmups and the cool down stretching.) I am much stronger then when I started. I could be at an even higher level, but I found that my forearms betrayed me… they were definitely my weakest link! They were so blasted during some of the workouts that I just couldn’t hold 35-40lb dumbbells to complete some of the exercises (rows, chest flys.) If I was able to look into my crystal ball before I started this whole journey, I would have gotten one of those hand/forearm strengtheners that you squeeze and worked on that before I got started (I found a good one at Walmart. Gold’s Gym brand that is adjustable with the turn of a knob between 20-90lbs resistance.) Yes this program requires a lot of equipment (Barbell, Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Step and/or adjustable bench, flat and loop stretch bands, paper plate or sliding disc for floor or carpet.) The only thing I had to get was a reasonably priced barbell set at Academy Sports. She strongly recommends finding your own one rep maximum for each of her exercises. The advantage to this, is that if you go online to her workout manager website, you can record the results. Every time you print off a workout sheet, the weight and % of one rep maximum is already calculated for you and the numbers will be on your sheet. All you have to do to use the workout manager is register with an email address. There is not cost to use it. I went ahead and found my one rep max for all of the upper body exercises and skipped the legs. With the legs I figured I would start with 2 -15lb dumbbells and see how that went with all the lunges and squats. If it wasn’t enough, I could always go up 5lbs for the next set. It took me almost a month to do find my numbers and record them online, because I had to space out finding a one rep max for 25 versions of an exercise for a particular muscle group (yeah, if you print off the one rep max worksheets from her website there are 8 pages of exercises. For example: biceps… there were barbell or curlbar curls, dumbbell curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, preacher curls on a stability ball, curls with rotations at the top, some exercise were seated, others standing, etc…) You do the program 3 days a week. Each cycle has legs discs and the muscle groups are changed up. Meso Cycle 1 (your first 4 weeks which focuses on muscle endurance) goes like this: Legs (Disc 3,6,9,12) Chest, Shoulders & Biceps (Disc 1,4,7,10) and finally Back & Triceps (Disc 2,5,8,11.) Meso Cycle 2 (your next 4 weeks which focuses on muscle hypertrophy) goes like this: Legs (Disc 14,17,20,23) Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Disc 13,16,19,22) and finally Back & Biceps (Disc 15,18,21,24.) Meso Cycle 3 (your final 4 weeks which focuses on strength) goes like this: Plyo Legs (Disc 26,29,32,35) Chest & Back (Disc 25,28,31,33) and finally Shoulder, Biceps & Triceps (27,30,33,36.) The order and types of exercises, amount of weight and total # of sets and reps varies on each DVD. After each 4 week cycle, you take an “active” week off from lifting. I am totally drenched and find myself barely able to complete some of these workouts (especially the legs.) Don’t let the sheer number of workouts and technical terms throw you off, all you have to do is have the right equipment or a good substitute (like resistance bands instead of dumbbells, etc…) find a starting weight and pop in your dvd. I bought her Shock Cardio Series for the other 3 days during the week (Sunday is my rest day,) but I ended up going with my Insanity Max 30 instead. The combination of these 2 programs is killer in my opinion! If you aren’t familiar with Cathe Friedrich or are kind of new to the whole fitness world, she thoroughly explains everything in between exercises… proper form, modifications, you name it. You will see the same cast members in each DVD. You will not see someone specifically modifying exercises. What you will see is guys using a regular pullup bar and some of the ladies using a floor pullup bar while they are seated and things like that. I’m a fan of the Beachbody programs (I completed P90, T25, Less Mills Combat.) However, I do think her programs are equally as good as anything you would find with them. Completely satisfied, would recommend this to anyone no matter what level you are at and I will most certainly be doing another 3 month round of cycles in the near future upon completion of this one. She also has one more single DVD Called STS Phase 4 Total Body. I bought it, but only took a brief look at it. It seems to be one long workout, or you can break it down into segments.

Excellent Program

 on April 1, 2013
By Dan
I am a 55 year old male and the veteran of many programs, including P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum, TapOut, Body Beast and Rushfit. I think this is the best of all! You don’t plateau in this program. Also, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and includes a lot of stretching. Bonus: No 2 workouts are exactly the same. Although the program is very difficult, I didn’t sustain any injuries, except for some strain in my forearms. The downside: You need a lot of equipment for this program — dumbbells, barbell, stability ball, pull up bar, bench, riser, and bands. It’s important you figure your 1 rep maximums! The website is very good; I printed off a worksheet for each workout. I’ve already purchased Cathe’s XTrain program and am going to do that next.

Total body reshaping

 on October 14, 2012
By illuminare
I did not buy this STS program through Amazon (bought it from Cathe’s website) but thought I would add to the reviews. First of all, I am a 60 year old woman who did not want to become a “fluffy lump” in the memories of my grandchildren; and, due to some orthopedic surgeries had not exercised (except for swimming) in over 3 years.

Really good weight training program.

 on April 29, 2014
By Gri
I bought this program a month ago in my effort to get muscle definition and to be honest with you I was really worry because I have done so many different programs including Tracey Anderson, Insanity, Tonique, Jillian Michaels, and barre just to mention some and at first I was focusing on cardio really heavy and when cardio was not giving me the results I was hoping for I start focusing on toning and I was afraid to lift heavy weight because tracey Anderson do not recoment lifting heavy weight because she said you will bulk up but when her program was not giving me the results I was hoping for I had to tried different things and this program was one of them. I have a decent figure, my belly is flat and my arms and legs were tone but I not only wanted a tone body but I wanted muscle definition and when I say muscle definition I do not mean bulky muscle because the last thing I want is to look like a man. I bought this 36 dvd program and I am in week 4, (dvd #10) and I really like the results so far. My arms are not only tone but I can see long lean muscle and I can see muscle definition in my abs and my legs have never been more toned. The program is not easy I can feel my muscle burning but Cathe is a great instructor and time flies by the only down side is the you do need space and quite a little bit of equipment but this programm is so effective and I really like the changes in my body, I never thought that heavy weight will shred you so fast. My advise to you would be not to over eat if yo do not want to get bulky and do not starve your self because your muscles will not respode if you do not eat the right amound of food including lean proteins. I hope this review is helpful to you and I wiil update my progress at the end of the 3 months.

Incredible series

 on October 18, 2009
By Leanne
I pre-ordered this entire series over a year before it came out, and it was worth the wait. It was designed to be the “crown jewel” in Cathe’s line-up, and there is nothing else quite like it out on the market. It’s fantastic for building muscle and getting stronger!