Caught Up In Time | Sadhguru

Date: 2015-10-02 19:55:31

Is time a game of our own creation, and have we gotten entangled in it? Sadhguru speaks about how various devices we created for our convenience – time, money, technology or comforts – can turn into burdens if we are unaware.


Questioner: What do you think of time?

Sadhguru: See from where to where we’re jumping.

Questioner: Time is a game and …

Sadhguru: Yes, definitely, otherwise how do I tell you what time to come for dinner? If we all become timeless, how to invite you for dinner, tell me?

Questioner: We are all slaves to it.

Sadhguru: We don’t have to be slave to it. It’s a device that we used for our convenience. See if you don’t divide this day into twenty-four hours, would you know when to come here for dinner? It’s a convenience, where is the question of enslavement?

Sadhguru: See, you may come when you’re hungry, but there may be no dinner when you come. You may not feel hungry till one o’clock in the morning, that doesn’t mean it’s the dinner time here. Tch… See…

Questioner: When you bound by it

Sadhguru: See, any convenience, any convenience that we create for yourself, time or money or a car or any technology that we created for our convenience, out of our unawareness, out of our unawareness we get enslaved to it. There is nothing wrong with the device that we created. There’s nothing wrong with the car, there’s nothing wrong with the money, there’s nothing wrong with the time. You got enslaved to it out of your unawareness, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Time is not the problem, money is not the problem, car is not the problem, any other technology is not the problem. You got enslaved to it, that is the problem. Enslavement happened because you’re unaware. So your unawareness is the problem. So how to become aware? What is this awareness? Awareness is on many different levels. One can… what you’re aware of is all that exists for you. This must be understood. Right now you’re sitting here, don’t turn back and see, right now there’s a huge dinosaur standing behind you. You’re not aware of it, does it exist for you?

Questioner: No.

Sadhguru: No. So it doesn’t matter such a huge animal is standing there, you are not aware of it, so it doesn’t exist for you. So only what you’re aware of exists for you. Right now your awareness is limited to small aspect of your life. Whole aspect of spirituality means to become aware of everything that you are so that before you go, you know life, you experience life in its totality, to live totally. To live and to live totally, that’s spirituality. So that you know life in all dimensions, you don’t go just knowing a little part of your life, you want to know all of it. So if you want to know all of it, how? If we have to use an analogy, let’s say we turn down the voltage for the lights, now let’s say just one light is there, it just lights up only that much. Only that much we see. If you turn up the voltage, suddenly you’re able to see much more because the light has spread. So awareness is just like this; right now your energies, your body, your emotion, your mind, everything is functioning with certain limited voltage. You crank up the voltage, suddenly you start seeing so many things which are not in your experience till that moment. So in a way, to put it very simply, to put it technically, you need to turn up your voltage. The voltage, life voltage within you – today she was saying she doesn’t want to sleep because she wants to live. If you don’t want to sleep, “I don’t want to sleep,” will not take away sleep…

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