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"MIND BLOWING… the best book in the world on the subject of dating for men." -Amazon reviewer

"A well-researched counterbalance to all the PUA nonsense out there." -Amazon reviewer

"A rare gem full of excellent dating advice for men." -John

"Every college-aged male should read Changing Your Game, BEFORE they make the big mistakes with women. My son stole my copy, so I bought another one." -Ken L.

Success with women is something any man can achieve. However, achieving this success isn't about tactics, games, or trolling bars to get women into the sack – it's about the right mindset. Men who succeed with women – whether for an evening or a lifetime – think differently about women and dating.

In her remarkably successful book Changing Your Game: A Man's Guide to Success with Women, psychologist and dating expert Dr. Christie Hartman offers men the research-based truth on what it takes to succeed with women. Christie shows men:

* The #1 predictor of success with women (it's not what you think!)
* Secrets to approaching women… without annoying them
* The best (and worst) places to meet women
* How to read women – even their mixed signals!

Changing Your Game also recognizes that dating in the 21st century is a whole new ballgame and covers such topics as:

* The keys to online dating success
* Tips for dating older women and single moms
* How to successfully seek NSA (No Strings Attached) with women

Filled with plenty of straightforward dating advice and tips for men, along with real-life examples, Changing Your Game will change your dating life for the better.

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  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: 5280 Press (March 17, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0984826211
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984826216
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Customer Reviews

Great book!

1 helpful vote
 on January 17, 2017
By Seller
The author speaks a lot of common sense and there is real timeless information here to learn from. I didn’t think the book would be very comprehensive but I was surprised. Digested the entire book in 4 days. Recommended!

Ultimately beginner material

1 helpful vote
 on November 25, 2016
By Jon
One thing that the author mentions is a “secret strategy almost no guy would think of” – to read a book on dating advice for women. Little does she know I did just that. In fact, I read the woman’s version of this book before this male one. The casual reality is that I’d estimate 75-80% of this book is just the same advice she gave in that one, repackaged or reflected to be a man. In fact she gives a few “examples” in this book that are the same as the other one, but just from the perspective of the writer of the email instead of the recipient. Which is really to say that of course there is nothing magic in here, just good solid advice about setting good standards for yourself, knowing what standards to be flexible on, showing interest, not taking rejection personally…As someone that has consumed a lot of dating advice and really benefited from it, I have to say I didn’t find anything new here. If you’re looking for some practical, vanilla advice, this is good and there’s a place for a book like this.


3 helpful votes
 on May 6, 2014
By Amazon Customer
First let me state that I have been purchasing dating guide’s for men since 2003 and and every program and product from every Pua, pimp or whoever and I never got any good result’s and I have bought everything and tried everything so I was very skeptical when I saw this book and actually I wasn’t even looking for anything but I stumbled upon this book and after reading it I was l blown away by her (Christie Hartman) knowledge and insight as a “woman” and in the pua world it’s always been a no no to take advice from a woman on how to succeed in the dating game and I was a firm believer in that train of thought until this book I’ve gotten immediate result’s and I purchased the kindle but am going to get the paperback so I can keep it as a text book it’s that good fella’s AND I DON’T FEEL THE NEED TO STUDY ANY OTHER GUIDES because Christie hartman cover’s everything you need to know to be a Ladiesman , Player, Or unbelievably a “nice guy” and still get women yes it’s possible guy’s trust me get this book! I wished there was an option to give this book 10 star’s

Great Book

6 helpful votes
 on September 29, 2012
By james
A few weeks prior to purchasing this book I had re-joined the human race in the dating arena. I found my skills, attitude, and knowledge lacking – almost comically lacking. In the past I would “Complain.” With age I’ve come to realize that the man in the mirror, who greets me every morning while shaving, needs a talking to — an honest objective scolding at times. He’s been my biggest enemy to successful dating. I’ve said, “To Hell with him and his lame ideas.”

Good advice but not really anything terribly useful

1 helpful vote
 on October 14, 2014
By Jason
If you’ve been looking for advice on dating for any amount of time, you’ve probably already heard and tried much of what’s in this book. It’s really nice to have some scientific data on the subject that is available in the book however there’s not much practical use for much of what’s in this book. A couple words of advice that pretty much seem to sum it all up(not necessarily from this book but in general with dating advice) goes as follows:

Best dating book

16 helpful votes
 on July 3, 2012
By Greg Ostertag
Changing Your Game by Christie Hartman has been a great investment for myself. This review might be a rush, since I just purchased and read the book in under a week – not that it’s too long, it’s just I’m not the most avid reader. However, this is the third book I’ve read in regards to the subject of dating women, and I wish that it was my first!

Changing Your Attitude… And Embrace Rejection!

2 helpful votes
 on October 23, 2013
By Book Reviewer
I have met women who have:

Strong presentation by a psychologist

1 helpful vote
 on March 16, 2014
By Barrington
Hartman is a student of dating and is someone with a psychological training. I found her presentation to be thoughtful and well laid out. Unlike a lot of non-professional writers on this topic Hartman’s analysis is based on years of experience with clients and is very sensible. There’s a lot of useful information to be found in this book.

A woman who understands how women wish to interact with men

1 helpful vote
 on May 9, 2013
By GoetheMuse
The internet is rife with self-styled dating gurus. From time-to-time I’ve downloaded an E-book from these “gurus” (as long as there was a money-back guarantee). They have all been laughable and written with attitudes based on the objectification of women as sex objects with the assumption that the primary goal of every man is sex rather than a well-rounded relationship.

The Right Woman’s Advice For Guys.

1 helpful vote
 on September 19, 2014
By Chris Sellick
This is a great book to tell us guys all about how to succeed with women.My concern was the author Christie Hartman,PhD is a Psychologist.Was she going to talk like one or would she talk like a woman who really cares? She’s the woman who genuinely cares.I found her advice polite,down to earth and realistic.Yes,I enjoyed this book.She is the one who knows how to communicate with men.This is one of those great books you know is full of good advice.Every step of the way I felt encourgaed to learn more from her.By the time I finished reading the book I now feel that I’m more educated by her in being successful with women.