Many women don't need a man, but would like to find the right one to augment their happiness. Women often seek the advice of other women to help them in their search, but rarely get a male perspective." Finding The Right Man For You" helps women evaluate their current situation, provides support in dealing with divorce or the death of a partner, addresses fear and self-doubt, recommends what to look for in a man, provides perspectives on sex and intimacy, offers many suggestions on how to meet men, recommends online dating tips and offers guidance in answering dating questionnaires and in writing personal statements. Further recommendations are provided on: dating for women who have children and work pressures, personal and financial safety, how to guard against men who lie, health and dating, finding happiness with or without a man, finding love and romance, and ultimately making a decision about a man. The book has been reviewed in its entirety, or in part, by female reviewers and advisers who have offered their valuable insights and experiences. It's motivational and supportive, and provides inspiration through memorable stories and many powerful quotations.

Table of Contents:
1. Evaluating Your Situation
2. Dealing With Divorce
3. Defeating Hurt and Anger
4. Life After The Death of A Partner
5. Love May Be Closer Than You Think
6. But I Put So Much Time In My Relationship Already
7. Fear Of Moving Forward and Being Stuck
8. Handling Stress and Self-Doubt
9. Finding The Right Man: What To Look For
10. Sex and Intimacy
11. Productive Attitudes for Meeting Men
12. How To Meet Men
13. Online Dating Sites
14. Online Dating Tips
15. How Do I Look?
16. Answering Dating Questionnaires
17. Creating Your Personal Statement
18. Dating Connections
19. Revisiting Your Requirements
20. More Insights To Help You
21. Children and Dating
22. Work Pressures and Dating
23. Your Personal Safety
24. Your Financial Safety
25. Your Health and Dating
26. Finding Happiness With Or Without A Man
27. Finding Love and Romance
28. Making A Decision