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We've all heard the stereotypes about women who marry into money?they're gold diggers, they don't care about love. The fact is, there are plenty of fabulous men out there who happen to be wealthy, and someone's going to marry them. If you're a smart, sophisticated, independent woman looking for love, why shouldn't it be you?J. Courtney Sullivan has created a guide for women everywhere who have worked hard to get where they are in their lives and their careers and deserve to be challenged, excited, and supported?financially and otherwise?by the men in their lives. It's not anti-feminist?it's knowing what you need from a partner and demanding the entire package.With tips on everything from top 10 products for under $10," 8 types of rich men to avoid," and 9 essential clothing items that no girl should be without," DATING UP will help women attract the right kind of man. It also gives advice on where to go to meet men and how to transition from the first few dates to having sex to meeting his mother.Stocked full of top ten lists; enlightening quotes from film, literature, and pop culture; and sidebars with extra Quick Tips, this manual will be a must-have for all women ready to find Mr. Right.

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  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (February 12, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0446697605
  • ISBN-13: 978-0446697606
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.6 x 8 inches
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Customer Reviews

Some good moments

 on December 15, 2011
By Vicki Hale
The majority of the book reads like a “Sex and the City” chick-flicky bit of fluff. Most of the dating advice is geared to women who live in a large city/financial center like NYC. The book recommends using the Social Register and “Trader’s Weekly” for prospecting for upper-income men. If you live in the midwest or a small to medium sized city without a large banking sector, you’re not going to get a whole lot of useful information about who to date. However, there is a good chapter near the beginning that gives some insider information about how the editors of “Allure” and other magazines shop for makeup and get that “natural” look. Worth taking notes on which Maybelline and Cover Girl products to buy cheaply at your local drugstore. Overall, it is not the most helpful dating advice for someone over 30 who doesn’t live in NYC, but it is an entertaining read. It would have been good if the author had included some advice for those living outside the NYC area, but oh well.

There are some good points made…

 on March 29, 2007
By Lisa W.
The thing that sold me on this book was when the author talked about going out on a date with a guy, splitting a burrito for dinner and the guy not having the money to even cover his half. Incredible! I’ve done exactly that! It really is ridiculous the lameness a girl will put up with just because a guy throws a little attention her way. That said, I started cringing early on because it seems the goal in the author’s mind, is finding a “wealthy” man. Well that’s not my goal and if I had known it would be the main theme I would not have bought this book. In order to make it through I mentally substituted “good” or “considerate” or “goal-oriented” for wealthy. It helped a lot.

Like taking advice from your best friend

 on April 25, 2007
By E. Mahon
Dating Up is like getting a whole bunch of advice about guys from your best friend, only this friend is honest and candid even about things that most women are uncomfortable admitting in the privacy of their own heads. If you want to up your dating game — even if you’ve already got a guy — this is the book for you.

Don’t leave home without it!! "the girl next-door "

 on April 19, 2007
By Skates
Dating Up admits important, but sometimes awkward to admit, qualities that are essential in a partner. The book focuses on finding someone that is your equal and that challenges you. J. Courtney has defiantly done her research for this book and gives some specific and fantastic suggestions about how to find a quality guy. Everything from gym memberships to dating websites and recipes is covered in this fun book. It stays lighthearted and makes you laugh as she clearly identifies the losers and mistakes you have made. Every woman should carry a copy in her purse when out in the dating scene!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Great book, great message

 on April 19, 2007
I love my copy of Dating Up. It’s an easy read, and the author writes in a conversational way that made me feel as though she was one of my close friends leaning in to give me advice. This book is a great reminder of what every woman should be looking for in a man: someone who can pay for himself and, hey, who offers to treat YOU, too! It’s not about finding someone rich to mooch off of but, rather, finding someone who is your social and intellectual equal. If you believe in taking care of yourself and being with someone who cares about the real you, I highly recommend this book!

Ian, a male who agrees with J. Courtney

 on April 19, 2007
By Ian
This book was great! Entertaining yet informative, and as a male in his mid-20s who has had many conversations with both quality and sleezy men, I really feel like the suggestions are good ones. I wish there were more fun and informative books like this one. Bravo!