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We created some of the best fitness DVDs for women. Our weight loss program for women consists of 8 upbeat DVDs. Women who couldn't shed baby weight found results losing fat and creating feminine tone with our 13-week program. Discover fun, convenient workouts and a support group of other women. Add variety that creates muscle confusion by constantly mixing up your routine to keep your metabolism blazing.
These are also amazing exercise DVDs for women over 50 and in their 20's! Strength training adds sexy shape and raises your basal metabolism burning more calories while you rest. Flexibility and core exercises improve posture and stability. Isometrics workouts contract specific muscles toning and targeting areas like legs and glutes.

28 videos and 7 fitness genres with modifications
•Total Body Toning: High-intensity strength training that hits every set of muscles
•Lower Body: Targeted exercises for toned legs and a firm, round butt
•Upper Body: Arm, back, chest, and shoulder workouts for a balanced shape and confident posture
•Cardio Circuits: Fat-melting, vigorous interval cardio sessions that improve endurance
•Barre: Isolated exercises that contract specific muscle groups for targeted toning
•Stretch Flow: Our version of yoga for flexibility while building strength
•Core: Build strength from your core while creating a flat and sexy stomach

5 FREE flexible 90-Day calendars with Fé Fit workouts to keep you on track
•3 times per week
•4 times per week
•5 times per week
•6-Week weight loss calendar
•6-Week tone and strengthen calendar

Stay Accountable
•Progress-tracking stickers •Measurement chart for updating body changes •Strength and Aerobic test tracker for measuring improvement •Healthy lifestyle tips

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Customer Reviews

Great workout….BUT…..

408 people found this helpful.
 on December 14, 2014
By ashleydawn
Ok, So I LOVE this series! Its fun, motivating, & it actually makes me want to work out. I have done P90X3, Booty Camp, Jillian, Biggest Loser, Brooke Burke, Tracy Anderson, Buti Yoga, Zumba, Brazilian Butt Lift, the list goes on…. These workouts are maybe my favorite. If you are looking for a good, fun workout this is it!

Love Love Love!!!!

2 people found this helpful.
 on March 11, 2017
By Rachel
I love this workout!!! I have been doing Turbo Fire for years. Everything I’ve tried in between Tracy Anderson, T 25, PIYO, Charlene Extreme, Julian Michaels. None of these kept me going like Turbo fire. Until now!!! I love the fact it is 30 minutes, it is total body and I can really feel it working. I look forward to my workout and it is totally doable with my busy life. The instructor is very motivating and positive. Some reviews I read said she was annoying but I love the encouragement. It also has so many workouts that you can’t get bored and your muscles don’t either. Absolutely the best workout I’ve done in a long time!!!I would recommend this workout to anyone.

Pleasantly surprised to find out this is definitely not your standard workout dvd!

3 people found this helpful.
 on August 20, 2015
By Devon L. Ballard
I love this program! I have spent a lot of $$$ on different workout dvds, products, and equipment but I always had a very hard time staying on track and would end up losing interest after a few weeks. I also struggled with accountability without really having a structured program in place. This has really been the first time I have actually been following a program without giving up. There are several reasons why this is working for me. I love having a flexible but regimented schedule in place every day of the week to follow and also being able to visually track my progress. I also really enjoy mixing it up with different workouts each day-I don’t get bored!!! The other great thing about this dvd set is that the company allows you to return it within 30 days if it doesn’t work out for you. The product was packaged well and mine also included a sample protein bar from their energy bar line. I definitely recommend to give this a try if you are looking to get in shape or wanting a try something new and motivating.

Excited to use Fe’ Fit.

2 people found this helpful.
 on February 17, 2016
By Wayne and Jessica
It’s crazy to me that this workout seems to be an underground secret. Every review I’ve read of people who consistently use it, have lost inches. Mine came in a simple box with a user guide, dvds, thank you card, stickers, etc. There is a lot of variety in this program; you have multiple genres in workouts (upper, lower, barre, cardio, etc) and you have a few workout calendars to choose from to fit your personal needs. The workouts are 30 minutes and you get stickers!

love it!

3 people found this helpful.
 on March 6, 2017
By Brittany
I absolutely love this program! I am a bigger girl so these workouts kick my butt, I don’t really mind the trainers over enthusiastic “LETS DO THIS MOMMIES!” because it actually brings me up. That said these are fairly difficult for me only because I’ve been so inactive lately and a bigger girl but I love it! It’s the kick in the butt I need for not trying before. I feel like I can do this after trying and giving up others after two days, (Zumba, mommy fitness challenge…etc) Thank you fefit!

Not JUST for moms

 on August 8, 2017
By Pamela Huls
First off, I am not a mom. I was looking for a new workout that would help me get into shape. I was stuck between choosing this one and PiYo, and I’ll admit, I almost chose PiYo because of the reviews on the instructor for this one, but honestly, she’s not annoying at all. In fact, she’s VERY encouraging and is constantly saying “you can do it” and “we’re almost there!”

Love these workouts!

3 people found this helpful.
 on June 6, 2016
By Amanda Booth
I purchased the Fe’ Fit videos about 3 weeks ago and am totally loving it! It came super well packaged (very pink and cute), with several options (3 day/week, 4 day/week, 6 day, or a 21 day Challenge) and I am doing the 21 day challenge. I have already lost an inch in my waist and hips plus a half inch in each calf. I’ve gained a half inch in each bicep. I love these videos. They are tough but motivating. I know that all I have to do is one 30 min routine. I highly recommend these videos!

Good Post Baby Workout

One person found this helpful.
 on April 25, 2016
By needeen
I am enjoying these workouts. I started the 5 day/week program in order to get ready for an upcoming family wedding in a month. I just had my third baby and started the series 7 weeks postpartum. I was active throughout pregnancy (swimming laps in my last trimester). That being said, these workouts really do offer a challenge. I am used to Jillian Michaels dvds which incorporate strength, cardio, and core in one workout. Her workouts are effective, but repetitive. I am pleased that the Fe Fit workouts offer variety, however, I am not used to working on target areas 1x/week so I cannot say how effective the program will be as of yet. I will update once I have completed the program.

Worth it!

One person found this helpful.
 on January 31, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I was in seach of a new 30 minute workout that was challenging and would keep me interested. I have tried almost every workout video out there and there was one I really liked from beachbody that I’ve grown tired of, and bought this in hopes of adding more variety…and this one does.The package included 8 disks, fit user guide, 21 day fit calendar, stickers, and miscellaneous papers. Inside the user guide are several workout programs to choose from. I chose the Fe Fit Toning 6 week program and started it last monday. Although I haven’t gone through all of the workouts, I can tell you my impression of the 6 I’ve done so far. The instructor is likeable, the workouts are VERY good and challenging enough for most who want to squeeze in a 30 minute workout in their day. She adds some modifiers on many of the sets, which I think is helpful for beginners. You don’t need much equipment; just some handweights, a band, and a ball or ring. I don’t have a ring, but I used a throw pillow and felt like it worked just as well. The only thing I wished they had, was a little more lead time when a set was done. I personally try harder on a set if I know how many more I need to do to finish a set. But I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I feel like this offer is a steal and I am so glad I found this! Also, I wanted to add that I did not feel like there was a lot of chatter about the mommy thing…barely noticeable in my opinion. This workout is totally worth it!

Loving this workout series so far!

2 people found this helpful.
 on February 7, 2016
By Melissa Martin
I am two weeks in and loving this workout series so far! I feel like it targets the exact areas that I need to target 12 months post-partum. I also think that Fe Fit addresses the needs of Mommas much better than other products available (which cost more money!). Yesterday I could not do my Fe Fit workout, so I did a circuit from 21 Day Fix with a friend. I definitely don’t think I got as good of a work out and did not like how warming up/cooling down was incorporated. Fe Fit is much more balanced and provides strategies to prevent over-working areas that are typically already tight in Mommas (neck, shoulders, etc). To top it off I am already noticing a difference in how my clothes fit and how much energy I have 🙂