Feng Shui

A Beginner’s Guide To Mastering The Art Of Feng Shui – How To Use Feng Shui To Make Your Home And Work Life Happier, Richer, and More Enjoyable

If you’re looking to make your home life and work life a happier one, then this book could help you. ‘Feng Shui: A Beginner’s Guide To Mastering The Art Of Feng Shui’ will help you to understand how you can use this ancient Chinese method to instantly improve your well-being and create harmony in your life.

This book also explains how using the right colors in the right locations can bring vitality, preciseness, abundance and love to all aspects of your life.

You will also learn how to:Decorate the rooms in your homeUse the right colors in your officeEnsure energy flows through each room with easeMake your life more enjoyableDe-clutter the Feng Shui wayAnd so much more!

Stop trying to make your cluttered home a happy one, let this book help you to have a home that makes your life richer, happier and more enjoyable.

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