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***Feng Shui: Discover how to bring in harmony and balance of Feng Shui to your home and office.***

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This book contains valuable information about Feng Shui and how to apply it to your home and office. You will find useful information on how to layout and decorate rooms in your house or apartment to optimize each with positive energy and prosperity. You will also learn the best colors and arrangements for your office that will attract more clients and money…


“With this amazing book you will transform your home in a pleasant living environment.” – Marija Bosic

“I recommend it highly to anyone wishing to incorporate the use of Feng Shui in your home or office.” – Wendie Owens

“This book is great for quick ideas on improving the feng shui around the house; it's an easy read and very informative.” – Sydney

"The way to a happy home!" – Janna M.

Here Is A Preview

*Learn about Wu Xing and the elements of Feng Shui

* Learn about Wu Xing Cycle and the 5 elements interact

* Learn the colors that you should use on your front door

* Learn how the color black symbolizes mystery and the night and how it should be properly used

* Learn how the color blue symbolizes elements of water and how it should be properly used

* Learn why the color white is generally NOT a color and how it should be properly used

* Learn how to effectively use mirrors and how to use this powerful accessory to uplift energies in the room

* Learn why choosing the right color for your front door could profoundly impact energy flow into your home

* Learn why choosing the wrong color could create bad chi or energy flow

* Learn the correct colors to use based on the direction of your front door

* Learn the elements of Feng Shui that will enhance romance in your bedroom

* Learn which numbers are lucky in Feng Shui for business

* Learn the power of elements and how they work together

* Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of Feng Shui at home

* Learn which colors to use best in the bedroom and how to effective use furniture for good Feng Shui

* Learn how to improve romance in the bedroom by following simple Feng Shui steps

* Learn which Feng Shui layout is best for the bathroom

* Learn why the kitchen is loaded with energy and how to use the best colors for your kitchen to promote abundance and prosperity

* Learn which color combinations are best to enhance the positive ambiance of your home

* Learn more about the best Feng Shui furniture arrangements for home and office

* Learn which numbers are lucky for your business

* Learn how you should arrange your office furniture to attract more money

* And much, much more!

Take action now and fix problems brought by bad Chi coming in and out of your house and office with the help of ancient Chinese Feng Shui!

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Product Details

  • Paperback: 38 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 19, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 150243489X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1502434890
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 ounces

Customer Reviews

Such a Great Guide to Feng Shui!

 on August 9, 2014
By Jamie
I decided to purchase this book after my boyfriend told me that he wanted to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into our home. I picked this book because it is only 37 pages and the description posted seemed to fit my specific needs. I learned so much! This book does a great job breaking down each portion of your house and provides easy to follow instructions on how to utilize Feng Shui to create a happier home. I decided to start with my bedroom and then work my way around to all of the other rooms of the house. I have done something that I never thought that I would do and removed the television from my bedroom. It was an interesting adjustment, but I already feel more relaxed when I am trying to fall asleep at night. This book is full of information and I highly recommend the purchase. I have learned a lot and am slowly incorporating the Feng Shui ideas from this book into my everyday life.

Find Harmony And Balance With Feng Shui!

 on August 9, 2014
By Cheri Clay
In the chaos of everyday life do you desire harmony and balance in your life? What is Wu Xing and what do the elements of wood, earth, fire, metal and water have to do with it? I think most of us have heard of Feng Shui but are not sure what it is or how to use it to achieve that harmony and balance that we desire. Open this gem of a book and find the answers you need at your fingertips.

Gives Practical Advice

 on September 14, 2014
By Wendie Owens
This guide book is a terrific resource for anyone looking to redecorate using the principles of Feng Shui. Even a rank beginner can feel confident changing their environment using the advice put forth by the author. Using a couple of Mr. Siv’s tips, I was able to discover that my front door was the right color according to the principles of feng shui, but my sofa was placed in the wrong position to attract a harmonious gathering environment. I changed my furniture around to reflect Feng Shui and immediately, I and my family and friends felt a positive difference.

fully loaded with info about feng shui!

 on October 19, 2014
By Claire – The Coffeeholic Bookworm
Feng Shui: A Feng Shui Quick Guide Book That Makes Sense is a one-of-a kind book about bringing balance & harmony into your home and office. Actually, whenever my husband decides to arrange the furnitures in our house, I always tell him to take note of the proper location and where to place certain items to avoid bad luck. Sometimes, he listens to me, sometimes he doesn’t care.

Good book to have on hand

 on September 14, 2014
By MzMonka
Since I am on a household makeover I came across this book after reading another by this author. I liked the ideas that were given for a bedroom makeover and decided that I would take a look through this one also. I like to have things flow smoothly and have balance in my home. After reading through the book I have decided that rearranging some furniture is in order for my living room but the colors are in line with what I am trying to achieve. There was a section on front doors that I also found interesting. I will be following the advice given and see if I can get more balance in my home. This is one of those books that I will keep around and use to tweak the flow in my home over time. I constantly want to change things and I feel this is a good book to have on hand.

The way to a happy home!

 on September 15, 2014
By Janna M.
We just moved in to our new house so I got this book together with another one by the same author for designing the house. I’m not sure if feng shui is widely practiced here in the US, but in Asia where I’m from it is practiced in most households. The book is very informative and detailed, from what color to paint on your front door to where to place your furniture. Aside from home, it also discusses about attracting good luck in business. I just wish the author incorporated images to go along with the descriptions to make the book more entertaining. It might sound crazy to follow everything the book says, but I don’t find anything wrong in following a few. Besides, who doesn’t want a happy home?

Definitely Recommended!!

 on October 29, 2014
By cynwall
When you step into your home, do you feel relaxed and have positive energies? Does your office scream wealth when you walk in? If not, you need Feng Shui and this is just the book to help you get it! The author starts out by doing a great job of explaining the five elements; Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal and the colors of Feng Shui. Next he provides you details based on which room in the house it is, the colors to use and the placement of furniture. He provides the same information for your office. This book is all you need to start putting Feng Shui into practice today. It was quick and easy to read, I definitely recommend it!

I love this book!

 on September 14, 2014
By Amazon Customer
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! The reason is because it made me feel good while reading it! Gish if a book can make me feel this way while I’m actually reading it, then it’s got some power within it! Thank you so much for the different aspects discussed about Feng Shui! I never knew this existed until now!!! I’m looking forward to applying a lot of what is in here in my home! Thank you!

Excellent guide to Feng Shui

 on August 10, 2014
By Rachel Horon
Feng shui seemed intimidating to me at first, but this quick guide made it easy to understand and see how some of my current uses of colors and natural elements reflect feng shui. Not only does it describe what to do in your home and office for balance and harmony to being in positive energy, but also why it works. I have already shared some of the tips with my friends and highly recommend this book.

So Much More Than I Thought It Was

 on September 11, 2014
By TVen
I had no idea what Feng Shui meant when I started this book, I thought it was a simple black and white symbol and some placing items in different places.