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Become Your Own Home Decorator! Feng Shui your way to harmony and balance! Feng Shui is very well known for its sophisticated purpose. Many people actually depend on Feng Shui to keep their home in perfect harmony. However, not many really understand and know how to exactly practice Feng Shui. Feng Shui allows humans to interact with their environment to achieve specific life enhancement. And who doesn’t want that? Everything we do is motivated by our choice to improve, and if we can do that at home and our environment, then why not?! This book will help you through learning the art of placement. Mastering this art will greatly determine one’s life experience at a different level. It also cultivates your relationship with your environment, creating a balance for both entities, therefore bridging the gap between you and your surroundings. This book provides detailed information that you need to know in order to jump-start your journey to Feng Shui. Every process that will assist you in every way is found in this book. Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Book: 1. Know the theories of Feng Shui 2. Getting started with Feng Shui 3. Feng Shui tips for your home 4. Feng Shui tips for children’s room 5. Feng Shui tips for garden 6. Feng Shui tips for bathroom 7. Feng Shui tips for senior citizen’s room And many more! These are just the tip if the iceberg! When you download Feng Shui: Everything You Need to Know About Feng Shui From Beginner to Expert you will become a good designer of your personal space! So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!

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  • Paperback: 212 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 30, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1515290476
  • ISBN-13: 978-1515290476
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Customer Reviews

helpful book

 on July 28, 2017
Very helpful book about Feng Shui! I never even having heard of Feng Shui, i had the great fortune to fall upon Veronica’s book while shopping for cookbooks. ironically, hers is one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever bought! as other readers have mentioned, this is an amusing but compelling page-turner packed with positive messages and clear direction. she makes you feel creative. I feel invigorated and it hardly matters whether it’s really the “magic” of Feng Shui or not. The results are the same. I particularly appreciate the web site as noted on the back cover of the book.

It gathered everything about Feng_shui

 on March 15, 2016
By Playboy
It discovers the world of Feng-Shui by which I can increase my mindfulness, develop a new stability in my life, and develop fresh perspective also. It helps me to get started with Feng-Shui using the resources around me. An excellent informative description on using and keeping balanced of five elements of Feng-Shui – metal, wood, fire, earth, water has been given here to help me with getting attracted new prosperity and success. I got everything needed to know about Feng-Shui as it explains the principals of Feng-Shui along with stability, positivity and beauty. I strongly recommend this book.

Would recommend this abook as a guide…

 on July 19, 2016
By Alan Lee
If you are new to Feng Shui, I would recommend this book as a guide before pursuing to a more advance approach to Feng Shui. Basically, the author explains the general principle and theory of Feng Shui and how the dynamics of Yin & Yang influence the overall Feng Shui. The author also reveals useful tips on how to apply Feng Shui at your home, garden, office, bedroom, kitchen and other areas to improve good chi or energy in your daily life. Give it a go, it is a book that has almost eveything you need to know about Feng Shui.

Golden information. You won’t regret this one!

 on July 30, 2017
By Jeremiah Cook
I am very thankful and glad that I purchased this book. It really went above and beyond, and while not every chapter was directly applicable to my life, i.e. the one on senior citizen’s rooms, I read it anyway and still drew a ton of useful knowledge. My advice to you is to get this book, read, and as you read chapter by chapter implement. You will feel the difference every day as you enter your home. This book is also inspirational in other ways but I will leave it to you to find as you read through its pages.

Adopting the Feng Shui lifestyle!

 on January 9, 2016
By Kourtney Kane
This book is a very well written and a detailed informative about Feng Shui. Feng Shui is basically a Chinese lifestyle which concentrates on simplicity and culture. The book tries to explain Feng Shui in detail and explains how it works. The book starts from the basics like what exactly is Feng Shui and then tries to provide various tips regarding how to adopt the Feng Shui lifestyle. The tips are related to arrangements and how to bring about positive changes.

… first time reading about Feng Shui and I am glad I did

 on March 4, 2017
By Walter Joy
This is my first time reading about Feng Shui and I am glad I did.The book has made me understand a lot about energy and energy flow and how the 5 elements (Metal,Wood,Fire,Earth,Water) can be harmonized and used in making our life a beautiful place.Rightly said,this book is all you need to have in order to learn all about Feng Shui.

Excellent book!

 on March 3, 2016
By Donovan Lou
This book is a comprehensive guide for everything under Feng Shui. In this book, author has pointed to the short history of feng shui and how you can utilize the elements of life for your benefit. Feng shui is still followed by active populations of all cultures worldwide. Most doctors recommend it, as it is associated with various psychological benefits like the relaxation of the mind. Feng Shui theory puts forward a new lifestyle for a peaceful life. Very interesting and effective pricles! Very relevant in the modern world.

For this year

 on March 21, 2016
By ToniW
I want to learn Feng Shui so that I can use it on our house. I have a friend recommends this book and I tried to read it. First it is hard to understand because I really don’t know anything about Feng Shui. When I am at the bottom page of this book I connect all the information in my mind. Yes it is really hard to study without a real guide but this book is good enough if you know a little.

A conventional art of living

 on July 20, 2016
By Michael
The principles of Feng Shui are extremely ancient and it is a conventional art of living. The author tried to guide here all the information about Feng Shui and the benefit of it. The concept of Feng Shui came from China. By practicing the Feng Shui, we can achieve a greater sense of stability and positivity. It is a art of living and it eliminates negativity. 5 elements of Feng Shui are described here in details. Some luck and season symbols details and meanings, and tips of using Feng Shui are narrated here so wonderfully. The author mentioned that we should follow all the Feng Shui elements strictly.

Restructure Your Life

 on July 18, 2016
By Siim Land
The ancient practice of Feng Shui… You wouldn’t think that it would have any significant impact on your life but trust me – it does. I’ve always felt that there’s something wrong with my room. I didn’t know what it was until I started researching about this topic. Then I stumbled upon this book and I must say that it’s probably the best one out there.