Health, Wealth and Relationships are three of the biggest challenges you need on your journey to achieving your dream life!
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Are you designing a living or work space? If yes then you surely need some feng shui details. Here is a guide for all those who want to add up vibrant and positive energy to their surroundings in the most practical way. Feng shui will be your helping hand for your health, wealth and relationships. True feng shui is no longer a mystery; it is simple and un-demanding. It is not just about planning gigantic buildings and momentous architecture. It is as simple as setting your living room in a positive and helpful way. Just give this book a read and you will be convinced of the miracles feng shui can do for you!

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Principles of Feng ShuiThe Thematic Elements of Feng ShuiFeng Shui Secrets of DirectionsThe PaKua—A Compass for Your LifeFinding Your Personal Lucky NumberHome Décor and Creating a Luminous SpaceFeng Shui Secrets of the Flow of ChiFeng Shui Secrets of Success in Your WorkspaceFeng Shui Secrets to having a Brilliant Love Life
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