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5 Books in 1 book, all according to Chinese art of Feng Shui.
Book 1: The peaceful, balanced art of Feng Shui originates in China. In this book, the origin will be explained, as well as various applications to your interior design, the room in your home, and the harmony you cherish every day. You will learn, among others:
How to apply the colors and elements of Feng Shui.
The basic essence of the meaning and the ways to apply it into your life philosophy.
Practical tips for the bedroom, bathroom, office room, and business room by applying Feng Shui.
Experiencing optimized space and more abundance in your everyday habits.
Decorating tricks to get a better overall feeling wherever you move within your living space.
And much more!

Book 2: Just when you thought you knew all about it, this book came out with more useful and interesting information about Feng Shui. Dive into the the world of Feng Shui, with all its symbolism, balancing powers and energies, and practical ways of engraving these philosophies on your free spirit. This guide will increase your comprehension of Feng Shui and share with you, among others:
Feng Shui crystals, jewelry, and object applications.
The basic principles of thinking “Feng Shui.”
What to do with aromas and smells.
Tips to upgrade your garden area with Feng Shui.
Tranquil means to apply this ancient art to your pets.
Yin and yang, and other symbols that relate to Feng Shui.
The rules of Feng Shui and how to break them.

Book 3: The Feng Shui lifestyle has a tremendous influence on the way you raise your children, how you feel, and how much wealth you attract in your life. This clear way of thinking boosts all three of these areas through careful planning, organizing, and decluttering. Aromas, colors, and symbols can all add to the experience of living a balanced life. You will learn, among others:
How to pimp your car the Feng Shui way.
How to influence your sellers and buyers decisions when it comes to moving into a new home.
Tricks to help your children concentrate by creating a harmonious environment.
Tips on health and a rejuvenated, vitalized body.
Help on romance through Feng Shui changes in the bedroom.
And much more!

Book 4: This book specifically focuses on the design, the colors, patterns, objects, and symbolism of creating a serene environment in the place you live: Your home. You will find helpful tips, background philosophies, and interesting anecdotes that will open your eyes. Among others, you will read about:
What to do with fish tanks, candles, and wind chimes.
The best ways to optimize living space in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
Tricks like knocking down walls, installing plants, and utilizing the elements of Feng Shui.
What to avoid when you want the ultimate tranquility in your living space.
Information about decluttering, using cubicles, and making the best of water and light effects.
And much more!

Book 5: Feng Shui can be used for a lot of things, even things you would have never considered if nobody had given you the idea. In this ultimate guide, you can learn even more about the ancient art of decorating, decluttering, and inviting positive Chi into your life, thus attracting more wealth and health with a peaceful outlook on your future. You will learn, among others:
How Feng Shui can help you be more fertile and conceive a baby.
Feng Shui’s impact on dreams.
What to do with clocks, Buddha statues, and compasses.
A view on schools and Feng Shui training centers.
Your Kua number and the significance of it.
Why crossing the T will get you bad Chi energy.

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Customer Reviews

An excellent introduction to making a comfortable, inviting home

One person found this helpful.
 on May 12, 2017
Even if you do not go full bore into Feng Shui, it is filled with great ideas about decorating

Good for Beginner

One person found this helpful.
 on April 20, 2017
By Kathy
Some good basic knowledge for the beginner but really only develops one school of fend shui.

Five Stars

 on July 18, 2017
By lorena colin
Good book