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  • Get Healthy Cooking Recipes: Clean Eating Edition: Quinoa Recipes, Superfoods and Smoothies
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Benefits of healthy cooking include living longer and a decrease in cholesterol. You can see weight loss, or you can build muscle if you are underweight. Eyesight often improves, you won't feel as tired, and you can sleep better if you introduce healthy foods into your system. Nail and hair growth are improved. Potassium and sodium levels are regulated. Headaches tend to go away, and you will likely have more energy so that you can exercise and live a healthier lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

Pretty good cookbook

3 people found this helpful.
 on November 10, 2015
This is a pretty good cookbook. There are three different sections. The first contains three subsections, one on superfoods, one on quinoa, and one on diabetic recipes. The ingredients should not be terribly difficult to find. A well-stocked grocery store will have most ingredients. I was intrigued by the history and information on quinoa. It is an ancient food which is not a grain, but a seed in the family that includes spinach and beets. It is gluten free, so these recipes should interest those on a gluten free diet. The diabetic section is naturally low carb, and includes desserts.

Mixed bag but mostly good

 on October 21, 2015
By Chelsea
This is more of a 3.5/5 than a 4, but I’m willing to round up just because there’s SO MUCH in here.

Fabulous recipes., easy to find ingredients, difficult to navigate book

 on October 22, 2015
By Paula F
There are some really good recipes in here, and a number of them are small child friendly, which I love. Slow cooker beef and sweet potato curry was a huge hit with our daughter( I did have to sub for coconut milk as I’m allergic, but taste was likely minimally influenced by that) I took my Kindle with me on our last trip to the store and while I waited on my presciptions to be filled, very easily found several things to make this week. I only needed a few things above basic stock ingredients, and the out of pocket was minimal. Yes, the writing is a bit simple throught despite there being more than one author, but I don’t need all of my cookbooks to contain extra fluff I’m not likely to read anyway. If you haven’t heard about Superfoods or Quinoa, you probably have been living under a rock. If you are considering this cookbook, you probably need some inspiration to break out of a rut or incorporate more healthy ingredients in your day to day with minimal fuss. This fits the bill nicely. Yummy. We will most likely cook from the Superfoods section of this compilation. It fits our personality well, but there is something in here for everyone.

Great ideas for potential recipes.

 on December 5, 2015
By Kasi
I am overall kind of disappointed in this book. You can get a good idea of what the author is trying to say during the recipes, but, for example they say toast tortillas to soften them….. first off you warm tortillas to soften them not toast them on a gas burner. If you are just starting out with cooking and do not know much then I do not recommend this for you. It is not like a professional cook book. I like how it does give you ideas for new types of recipes but I do not feel comfortable trusting the recipes that are unclear. I will make some of the smoothie recipes i feel. There are way to many options like “to taste” or “your choice” if I have never heard of this recipe or even tried that type of food before how am I supposed to know what is recommended to try with this recipe. I enjoyed some of the recipes in the quinoa recipe book, I have really gained information on meal ideas and that is awesome, I will however be using the recipe ideas to search for more well rounded recipes and more in depth. All in all the writing was decent in this book, there were some minor issues. I enjoyed the types of recipe ideas but not the execution,

Great Recipes!

 on October 21, 2015
By alaswell1983
I’ve been wanting to get my family on a healthier diet for a long time but every time I tried in the past I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the different menu plans available. Pinterest has turned out to be my enemy when trying to find healthy recipes for this reason. Too many different options! Then I came across this book. I love how they break the book down into just three sections making it easy for you to stick to the particular “type” of healthy recipe you are interested in; superfoods, quinoa, and diabetic diets. I loved how few ingredients most of the recipes called for because many times I will find a recipe online that looks healthy and delicious, but it will contain 20+ different ingredients and takes hours to prepare. I have three young children and a very busy schedule, I don’t have time for those types of recipes! Many of these recipes are nothing like that which is very refreshing. I’ve also had a chance to make a couple of the desserts listed in the book and they were delicious! If you are looking for healthy recipes, do yourself a favor and buy this book. You won’t be sorry!

Yummy recipes!

 on October 26, 2015
By Maria Mundo
I love to try new recipes all the time and if they are healthy even better. I have had weight loss issues before and have really tried to do a ton to get my weight down. From teas to detox teas but ultimately if you are not eating right there is no point. I came across this ebook and am very happy I was able to get it. The recipes in this book really show you how easy it is to eat healthy – and how super foods in your diet can taste good! A majority of the recipes in the book are simple and easy to make. Even my daughter who is 13 can do them. It even comes with a diet plan, which is an awesome addition as well. I have been trying it for some days now, and not all of the recipes yet, but my plan is to try them all. I just need to go

Great recipes that make it easy to eat healthy

 on November 8, 2015
By Adam Seale
This is a great eBook of healthy, superfood recipes that makes healthy eating alot easier. There are three diets featured: The superfood diet, the quinoa diet and the diabetic diet. The quinoa diet section is my favorite because I love quinoa. There are main dishes in each section, along with side dishes and smoothies. This book also provides information about each diet, which is helpful.

Great healthy food recipes

 on January 4, 2016
I love food, food is probably my favorite thing. I wanted to start eating healthier but i didnt want to sacrifice flavor. I like that there is an entire section on superfoods, i had been studying on different superfoods so i could eat healthier and these recipes did not disappoint. I like that these recipes are simple to make and they also taste great. I like that they find ways to make quinoa flavorful and delicious. Their takes on healthy food are tasty and great . I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Recipes for healthy meals, smoothies, and snacks

 on October 25, 2015
By Emily Vogel
This e-book is packed with recipes and ideas for healthy meals, smoothies, and snacks. It is incredibly long so you’ll be sure to find something you like. A lot of the recipes use ingredients that you can easily find at your local market (nothing too exotic or expensive) and are pretty quick to put together. However, The author continuously uses invalid arguments to defend her recipes. I have a very strong nutrition background and I’m not interested in reading the most “trendy” diet mantras over and over every few pages. However, Her smoothie recipes look amazing and she has lots of menu plans for those who enjoy a little more structure when it comes to planning their food.

I had the opportunity to make several recipes for my family and every one of them went over well.

 on November 23, 2015
By The Product Review Virtuoso
This book is chock full of tasty, yet healthy main courses and also sides and snacks. The meals feature what I perceive to be well balanced portions of a protein, vegetable and starch. The portion sizes seem to true to size, and accommodate a sizable meal for most people. Enough to feel full and not walk away from the table hungry.