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Healthy Eating – Discover 23 PROVEN Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life!

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From the Best Selling author, Linda Westwood, comes Healthy Eating: 23 POWERFUL Eating Habits That Will Keep You Healthy & Feeling Energized!. This book will jump-start your mood, increase your energy levels, clear your mind, and improve your overall health – all because you can start living a life filled with healthy eating!

Our lives are full of regular habits that we live by every day, and these habits determine who we are, as a result. This is why healthy eating is so important to your life.

What You Will Get Out Of This Healthy Eating Book

This book provides you with 23 POWERFUL Healthy Eating Habits that will completely change your life for the better. Along with discovering what these habits are, you will also learn why they are beneficial to add into your life, followed by a step-by-step Action Plan that shows you EXACTLY how you can implement in your life immediately!

Are you ready to feel healthier and happier than you ever have before in your life? Do you want to start a healthy eating routine in your life?

Then check out these healthy eating habits that YOU are missing out on!

If you successfully implement these eating habits, you will…

• Feel happier than you ever have – because you will slim down & tone up
• Set up your life so that you live longer
• Say goodbye to poor energy levels and depressing moods
• Learn how you can live a healthier lifestyle without trying
• BURN MORE fat than ever before!
• NEVER feel tired or exhausted in your day – EVER AGAIN!

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Customer Reviews

Well researched educational tool for healthy eating habits

10 people found this helpful.
 on April 1, 2015
By Adam Stevens
Thanks Linda, that was a well researched, well written book. I am the laziest eater. I need food to survive. And I tend to eat more fast food living in China, as basic ingredients are hard to find. I am not an adventurous eater, and stick to what I know. What I know is not always the healthiest choice. Sure, I could exercise, but that would contradict my laziness. The read was inspiring, and motivational, and will keep it as a reference for the future when I am in a better environment to use the knowledge. Until then, thank you for your hard work and educational tool. I believe I can relate several small steps, and will attempt to integrate them into my daily life. Sometimes I just need a reminder, or a good swift kick…

Healthy habits

4 people found this helpful.
 on April 2, 2015
By Jbarr5
Healthy Habits: 23 Eating Habits That Help You Feel Good, Stay Healthy & Drop Pounds

Nice book.

 on June 14, 2017
By Ross Maddox
Much appreciated Linda, that was a very much inquired about, elegantly composed book. I am the laziest eater. I require sustenance to survive. What’s more, I have a tendency to eat all the more fast food living in China, as essential fixings are elusive. I am not an audacious eater, and stick to what I know. What I know is not generally the most advantageous decision. Certainly, I could work out, however that would repudiate my sluggishness. The read was rousing, and motivational, and will keep it as a kind of perspective for the future when I am in a superior situation to utilize the information. Until at that point, thank you for your diligent work and instructive apparatus. I trust I can relate a few little strides, and will endeavor to incorporate them into my day by day life. Now and then I simply require an update, or a decent quick kick….

Informative, helpful, and healthy!

5 people found this helpful.
 on September 19, 2015
By speculative reader 22
My girlfriend and I have been going through this phase where we have been trying to take better care of ourselves, We’ve read several books along these lines, but this one was very helpful and informative and we can already feel a difference in our body and moods. I can’t recommend it enough. For solid healthy eating habits, it is a must, but the information is just as crucial. Very informative!

Great Blueprint For Health and Weight Loss

6 people found this helpful.
 on April 7, 2015
By Tony Robson
I bought this book because I am having trouble shedding some extra pounds and staying healthy. This book provides simple, practical tips that anyone can use to lose weight fast. It worked wonders for my love handles and thighs, both of which had some extra pounds. I was able to get this book just in time for swimsuit season, and I’m really happy with the results its given me!

Simple tips for getting back on track when you have let you diet slip.

5 people found this helpful.
 on September 22, 2015
By Sean McClutchey
Simple tips for getting back on track when you have let you diet slip. We all know the basics of eating healthy, Eat fruits and vegetables, Avoid processed foods, avoid processed sugars. But we do not always follow these guidelines. Sometimes we fall off the wagon and at those times a list of helpful pointers can help us get going again. Thank you Linda Westwood.

I love this book !

 on June 12, 2017
By Albert Young
I was constantly devouring take, cooked and soft foods (as a rule each of the three). my choleserol has finally cut down, the risk of diabetes has cut down on a very basic level and my waist is slowly reducing (arund an inch at normal interims). resting is so significantly less difficult and my general individual fulfillment has incresed definitely. i can’t believe it took this to change my whole life! We never know how awful we can be with irrelevant inclinations, for instance, having a not balanced eating regimen and not contemplating ourselves.

Great book!

4 people found this helpful.
 on June 19, 2016
By Roland
I am really happy that I cold learn these simple but very helpful habits in order to increase weight loss and improve my energy level. I also could already implement it into my everydays. Thanks for the author for collecting and sharing these great methods and ideas!

Very good book to learn some healthy eating habits

4 people found this helpful.
 on July 21, 2015
By Nancy Jones
This book contains great information about healthy eating. I really liked the organization of the book because each chapter contains not only good information but also an action plan that you can follow to see results. I’m really happy with this book because I learned many healthy habits that can really improve my life. I think everyone should read more about healthy eating and learn why it is so dangerous to continue eating junk food, it can prevent or cure some diseases.

I really enjoyed this book

One person found this helpful.
 on June 12, 2017
By Taylor Hill
I really enjoyed this book. Some areas in the book are a little technical which can make for some boring reading. The information in this book is really educational. I’ve had it for a few months now and I have applied some of the information to my life style and I feel great! I would definitely recommend! I even skipped sections that were a bit too technical for me and still was able to follow the book just fine.