What the heck's a DAL? It is the best thing you can do with Lentils!!

Planning a get-together and not sure what to cook for your guests?

How about a quick Dal fry or Dal tadka that will make them crazy for your food.

Oh!! you’re trying to lose some weight?

How about a high protein easy to make dal soup.Try out some healthy dals for your kids.

No matter what the occasion or something new for dinner, 30 recipes of dal for all over India will get you sorted. So ready to explore the Dals of India.

Indian cuisines are known as one of the best in the world and a must have in every Indian meal is a Dal.
Dal or dhal is basically a dried pulse or lentil which has been split and so is the word dal used to name the stew prepared from these pulses. As the world knows how diverse the Indian culture is, so are the cuisines of India and one of the most important being the Dal. Dal is eaten all around India in some form or the other and is a must in an Indian meal.
From sweet to sour, and tangy to spicy, the varieties of dal will comfort everyone’s taste buds.
As you proceed through the book and try out some recipes you'll realize that Indian food which is known for its high spices and complexity is just a myth.

What you will Learn in this Book

Dal Tadka
Dal Makhani
Dal Soup
Spinach Dal
Garlic dal
Dal Bati

And many more varieties of Dals

So get you copy Right Now and I'll See You on the other side!