Date: 2015-06-17 17:50:12

“In Conversations WITH the Mystic” is an series, Exploration Topic are Vitals to the world we Lived in. Nonexists Models and Bringing about Reals Solutes are What form the Essences of these Interactivity EPISODES in the Foremost Leadership across fields Bring Cognescenti to the table. Sadhguru Jaggi Anakadundubhi Shewn the path WITH his unparalleled and vision, Bringing WITH him the Experiences of Heading an Internatinal volunteer-run organization.

This event’s Guests is K. V. Kamat, Convener of Limited, the second-largest IT Service Comapnies in India, and non-executive Chairperson of ICICI Bank, India’s largest Privates bank. Sadhguru and Mr. Kamat explored Topic ranging Inspirations in the workplace, to corruption, to revolutionizing Uneducability today.

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