• Ketogenic Diet Made Easy With Other Top Diets Protein Mediterranean and Healthy Recipes
  • Read Ketogenic Diet Made Easy With Other Top Diets: Protein, Meditterean and Healthy Recipes
  • Ketogenic Diet Made Easy With Other Top Diets Protein Mediterranean and Healthy Recipes
  • Ketogenic Diet Made Easy With Other Top Diets Protein Meditterean and Healthy Recipes
  • Read Ketogenic Diet Made Easy With Other Top Diets: Protein, Mediterranean and Healthy Rec
  • Ketogenic Diet Made Easy With Other Top Diets Protein Meditterean and Healthy Recipes
  • Low Carb Diet Mistakes – 7 Most Common
  • Keto/Low Carb Healthy Meal Prep For the Week! – Mind Over Munch
  • The Perfect Diet
  • Which Diets Actually Work?
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The Ketogenic Diet has many health benefits that include weight loss. This diet will help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and help maintain healthy insulin levels. Once you begin this diet you will begin to notice that you have more energy, sleeping better at night and have clearer thoughts. The weight loss that occurs on this diet is just one of the benefits of the Kerogenic Diet. This diet not only helps a person to lose weight but it helps to control the appetite and this helps in adhering to the diet because a person feels full and is not hungry all the time.

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Customer Reviews

3 diet books in one related to high protein/low carb diets – Dukan, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, and low-thyroid — with RECIPES

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 on January 27, 2016
By cat lover
Ketosis /kᵻˈtoʊsᵻs/ is a metabolic state where most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where blood glucose provides most of the energy. (Wikipedia) . So for dieting it makes common sense — when you eat carbs, those are burned for energy and the fat deposits in your body are not used — but if you starve yourself (cut down on the total you are eating especially of carbs) , then the body mechanisms will switch to releasing fat into the blood stream to be burned as energy — the basic idea on ketonic diets is to cut down on carbs but avoid starvation cramps by substituting protein for the carbs you might have eaten. This Ketonic Diet boxed set (mine was Kindle version) is 3 separate books – Costar touched on the Atkins, South Beach and other diets, and then wrote extensively about the Dukan Diet, a modified Ketonic 4-stage diet popular especially in France; Michaels wrote on the more traditional ketonic diet, initially designed at the Mayo clinic in the 1920’s to help epileptic children, and Calderon wrote on the Mediterranean diet (it’s not just fresh foods, fish, and olive oil found near the Mediterranean but active exercise lifestyle too), and the low-Thyroid diet ( avoid cruciferous foods like broccoli but otherwise varied high nutritional). It’s loaded with delicious recipes, both to use as-is and as a starting point for your own creations. In some, allowed foods include alcohol, artificial sweeteners and some natural sweets – others are more restricted. The point is made, and it’s very clear when you read, that this is not a casual game — check with your doctor before and during especially the more rigorous diets — the farther you are from well-balanced variety, the more risk for damaging your metabolism or organs. I received this product in exchange for an honest review —

Ketogenic Diet explained! Even has yummy recipes that i’m dying to try!

 on February 5, 2016
By Joy P.
Another great diet book that is very informative and easy to follow. It starts off by explaining what a protein diet is and touches on all the different protein diets out there such as the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet and more. Then it goes into what the Ketogenic Diet is and explains ketosis and ketones, what foods you can/can’t have, guidelines, sample menu plans and even how to read food labels. All of the explanations are easy to understand and it helps to know the process and the why’s and how’s of following a Ketogenic Diet. I’m a diabetic and after reading this book, I can see that this is a diet/lifestyle that I can follow that would be very beneficial to me since carbs (well excess carbs) are a diabetic’s worst enemy. And why not lose some weight while i’m at it. I could stand to lose about 10 lbs. 🙂 This is an awesome book have have and is a very informative read! I received this eBook for free in exchange for my honest review.

We in our household love both of these diets

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 on February 13, 2016
By J. H.
The book said at the beginning that there are 3 books inside it, and I found only two full books inside. One had Mediterranean diet recipes, and the other one had Keto diet recipes. We in our household love both of these diets, and the recipes in the book look good at the first glance – of course, I will have to try them out to be sure, but I liked that all the dishes seemed to use the right ingredients associated with these diets, and all of the familiar dishes, with no overly sweet desserts – I think the recipes are good, and I will be looking forward to trying them!

Packed with information

 on January 27, 2016
By thelma
I was looking for a book that would explain certain diets to me w/alot of interest leaning towards the the Keto diet.

Each one has lots of recipes and the ones I tried were great. I think these are good learning tools although …

 on January 24, 2016
By Gloria M.
Years ago I tried a diet similar to the Ketogenic diet with some success. I long ago lost the information on it so I decided to try this set of book. The benefits, beside weight loss, are supposed to be lowering blood pressure, helping with sleep issues, energy levels and clearer thinking. Only time will tell for sure. There are three books in the set each one about a different diet, Ketogenic, Mediterrean and Dukan. These diets are similar but not exactly the same. I found them all very informative and interesting. Each one has lots of recipes and the ones I tried were great. I think these are good learning tools although they have some writing flaws and bad editing. Mostly though, you can understand what the author is saying. I received my Kindle edition for free in exchange for writing an honest review.

GREAT Cookbook! I could not be without it.

 on January 30, 2016
By Product Junkie
Happy to have this little cookbook in my Library. I alternate my diet between Keto, and Paleo. I love dairy and real butter so Keto is a little easier for me to stick with. The recipes in here are good and this is my “go to” book. I lost 15 lbs staying away from carbs and eating predominantly protein and veggies (non starchy). I highly recommend this way of eating to anyone with PCOS, and insulin resistance. It is very easy to follow this way of eating and you should not have cravings for junk food if you make sure you are eating good fats and drinking lots of water. Combine this way of eating with Intermittent Fasting for maximum results. I received this in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

A book to help you with your Ketogenic Diet Journey!!

 on February 16, 2016
By Wendy S.
This is a very detailed book that explains exactly what a ketogenic Diet is and what is needed to successfully follow it. I was wanting to use it for cancer because sugar feeds cancer and I felt this diet could help me at the very least slow down my cancer. This diet is also used for people that have seizures. You put your body in a state of acidosis where the body gets it’s energy from protein and fats, not sugar and carbohydrates, which turn into sugar. You get a clearer mind and a more healthy diet for the cardiac system. It is good at showing examples and helping you to understand what things you need to eat to follow the diet. You are allowed to eat some things that are fruits, and I wish it would have been a bit more clear about that..but I’m sure the sugary fruits are not allowed. It gave an example of eating avocados, which I had no idea was a fruit. They are not sweet, so I understand what types of foods that are needed. You want your body to use the fats for fuel, not sugar. I do wish there was a list of all foods you should eat, and which ones you should avoid. The good thing is I can find those lists on a search engine. This basically went over the explanation of the Ketogenic Diet. It was easy to read, and I found it enjoyable. I did learn some things which is important to me because I usually research things out, and I felt a lot of effort was put into this book. Highly recommended to help you transition into using the Ketogenic Diet rather easily. It does have some nice recipes. Totally worth the read!!

Great recipes! Great information!

 on February 17, 2016
This book is fantastic! Such a wealth of information! Easy to understand. It taught me a lot! I have been rolling a ketogenic diet for a while and I guess there was a lot I didn’t know. Now i do! The recipes included are easy to follow and use easy to find ingredients. That’s important for me as we live in the boondocks! I found the nutritional information very helpful in allowing me to count my carbs, etc

Great Recipes!

 on February 8, 2016
By Sissie
As so many other people, I have been searching for a diet to help me shed some pounds before summer rolls around. I am desperately hoping to drop at least 30 pounds in order to tolerate the heat a little better and keep my blood pressure in check. The vast amount of information provided in Ketogenic Diet Made Easy with Other Top Diets is amazing. This book contains the descriptions for three different low carb/high protein diets – the goal being to get your body into a state of ketosis. I am not a huge fan of unbalanced diets like this, so unfortunately this book didn’t really do me any good in that department. However, there is a nice set of recipes that I will be able to incorporate into a more well-balanced eating plan. This book was well written and easy to follow.

65lbs lost and great food

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 on January 16, 2016
By Amazon Customer
This is the best eating plan guide I have ever used in 5 months I am down 65 lbs and the food is so tasty it makes my journey that much more sustainable for a lifelong change to continue on a healthy path. T. Oliver