Marriage is a complicated, complex idea. It is at once a lot of work and a lot of fun (hopefully). While we all think fondly of those early days when the storms of passion raged almost without warning, there comes a time when even the hottest fires start to wicker and wane needing to be stoked to their former glory once again. For some couples, the work that is needed will be minor. For others there are roadblocks and obstacles that need to be removed before the actual rebuilding can begin.

This book starts by identifying some of those roadblocks and how to remove them from your life before moving to rebuilding the flame whether it is smoldering or completely cold. It moves beyond the tried and true “date night” suggestion although it is mentioned here because it works. It is the willingness to make time for one another, the willingness to work toward a mutual goal that breeds the success here so it should not be dismissed out of hand.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:
• How to identify and get rid of some of the most problematic behaviors that damage a relationship.
• How to use a favorite hobby or other pastime to reconnect with a spouse.
• Reminders of why flirting is important and how to relearn those little signals that drive your mate wild.
• Some naughty tips to amp up the heat including some that may take you just slightly out of your comfort zone.
• Ways to turn your home into a wild love nest or a lover’s paradise.

If you feel that you are bogged down with work, the kids and a million errands and your spouse is starting to be just the annoying roommate that snores next to you, you have no time to spare! You need this book now!