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Enjoy a life virtually unaffected by stress and tension!
★★★Top Seller in 'Meditation'★★★

Life is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s right! You can actually enjoy a life virtually unaffected by stress and tension. How? Through the practices of meditation and relaxation, that’s how. Readers of Meditation for Everyday Living will discover how to live a happy and successful life by spending twenty minutes a day in meditation.

A must have meditation guide for everyday living
By Cindy
"This is a great book for those who want to know how to meditate and all its great benefits. I live a rather hectic life with a full time job, 3 kids, husband, church, and other social activities. This at times can be stressful and leave me feeling out of balance. I also suffer from minor anxiety. These are the initial reasons why I bought this book, I wanted to learn how to meditate and handle the stressful times in my life. I was not disappointed with this book at all. The author gives clear and easy to understand step by step guidance on how to incorporate meditation into your life and improve overall health wellness. Some techniques I learn"

By giving yourself twenty minutes a day to meditate you will…
✔Enjoy a more restful night’s sleep
✔Learn to listen to your inner self
✔Become a person who makes and achieves their goals
✔Lose weight and feel better by eating a healthy diet
✔Enjoy better health
✔Become the person who sees the glass as half-full
✔Much more!

***Here's A Sneak Peak Into What You'll Learn***
1) Learn The History of Meditation
2) Organic Living and Meditation are Key to Positive Self-development
3) Meditation for Self-control and Self-development
4) Learn How To Quite Your Mind
5) Learn about Hypnosis and Meditation
6) Guided Relaxation and Meditation
7) How To Stop Premature Aging Through Meditation
8) Setting Your Meditation Goals
9) Using Affirmatives in Meditation for Self-Improvement
10) How To Effectively Use Your Imagination
11) Word Association in Meditation for Self-improvement
12) Meditation Encourages You to Follow Your Dreams
13) How To Track Your Meditation Progress
14) Yoga Quota for Self-improvement and Enhanced Meditation
15) There is Something to be Said for Peace and Quiet
16) Facing Your Problems and Take Charge
17) Discover Your Inner-self Through Self-hypnosis and Meditation
18) Moving Toward Self-improvement Through Meditation
19) Goals + Meditation = Self-improvement
20) Controlling Your Mind With Meditation
21) Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
22) Attitude is Platitude for Self-improvement Through Meditation
23) Your Meditation Plan
24) How To Be in Control in Stressful Situations
25) Stay the Course With Meditation for Self-improvement
26) The Process of Meditation
27) Self-help Tools for Optimal Meditation
28) Meditation Leads to Smart Living
29) Meditation Requires You to Explore Your Mind
30) Writing and Meditation
31) Positive Thinking and Meditation
32) Reflection and Meditation
33) Exercising Your Brain
34) Discover Your Inner-strengths Through Meditation
35) Feel Great Through Meditation
36) The Summation of it All
37) Testimonials from Those who Embrace the Practice of Meditation
38) Meditation Resources
39) CommonTerms Used in Meditation and Yoga
40) Much more!

Why let stress and tension rule your life when you don’t have to live that way? Why not become the person you’ve always wanted to be but didn’t know how to become? Let meditation bring you to your true self.

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Customer Reviews

Ok for a free book

 on April 3, 2016
By JBo
I’m working on starting up a regular meditation practice at home so I thought this ebook would be useful to me. However, it didn’t have as much practical advice as I was hoping. That being said there is a lot of information in this book, but it felt kind of overcrowded with general information instead of focusing on a handful of topics and providing in depth information about them. The book glosses over and touches on a lot of different information and ideas without spending a lot of time on any of them. Also, I feel like the focus of the book is a lot more on the benefits of meditation than actually giving any guidance on how to meditate. There is some direction in there but it is buried within different chapters. I think it would have been more helpful to have a section focused specifically on “how-to”. There is some interesting information in the book, but it is so scattered it was hard for me to read. I am having a hard time remembering the topics the book touched on because it jumped around so much. There were also quite a few typos so that was a little distracting.

Audio version is long and hard to focus during

 on March 22, 2016
By Nicole
This book was an audio version. This book was very in-depth and covered such topics as: Learn The History of Meditation, Organic Living and Meditation are Key to Positive Self-development , Meditation for Self-control and Self-development, Learn How To Quite Your Mind , Learn about Hypnosis and Meditation, Guided Relaxation and Meditation , How To Stop Premature Aging Through Meditation , Setting Your Meditation Goals , Using Affirmatives in Meditation for Self-Improvement, How To Effectively Use Your Imagination, Word Association in Meditation for Self-improvement , Meditation Encourages You to Follow Your Dreams, How To Track Your Meditation Progress , Yoga Quota for Self-improvement and Enhanced Meditation, There is Something to be Said for Peace and Quiet, Facing Your Problems and Take Charge, Discover Your Inner-self Through Self-hypnosis and Meditation , Moving Toward Self-improvement Through Meditation, Goals + Meditation = Self-improvement , Controlling Your Mind With Meditation , Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals , Attitude is Platitude for Self-improvement Through Meditation , Your Meditation Plan, How To Be in Control in Stressful Situations , Stay the Course With Meditation for…

Understanding the purpose of meditation and its practice in order to achieve a healthier life

 on January 24, 2016
A comprehensive, friendly and logically structured Meditation for Beginners guide book. Author Sam Siv who has written several books about Sleep Apnea, Sleep Deprivation and Dreams is presenting us now with an interesting subject: Meditation for Beginners Guide Book with the sole purpose to release stress hence to achieve a healthier way of living. This is a subject that many have written in the past and many more will write in the near future as it has become an influential part in our everyday lives. Many people have understand this phase of life and have taken advantage of several meditation techniques in order to achieve what they wish to construct for their near future and a way to improve their life. Through the meditation you will relieve stress and you will also be able to get in touch with yourself, get to know you better, hence you will get a self-improvement and self-control. You will find meditation techniques and exercises quite useful and after you have experienced a good meditation you will want to do it more often as you will feel quite different and relieve of burdens.

… some point in your life this book is an excellent place to start

 on January 25, 2016
By Erica K
If you’ve ever considered meditating at some point in your life this book is an excellent place to start. With a busy, full-time job and kids in the house, I don’t have the time to do the research on meditation or the time and money to go out on the economy and take classes. I was looking for something that has a step-by-step guide to getting started on meditation so i can take a breather every now and again from my hectic life. The author outlines everything from the history of meditation to the benefits that one could receive from doing it. The reading is simple and there are no big words that one must look up in the dictionary. For the price alone, it beats researching all the information on the internet and hoping that its correct. This book has all the information in a small novel ripe for the taking. I can’t wait to put all the lessons into practice and see my stress levels reflect it. Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. Even though I received this product at a discounted price, I have rated and reviewed this product without bias, based solely on my experience with it.

It’s a why to not a how to book

 on January 26, 2016
By Nickierae55
I downloaded the book Meditation: Your Beginners Guide Book on How To Meditate: Become Stress Free For Life! to learn how to meditate, but didn’t really find a lot of useful information in this book. I previously read a beginners book about Yoga that I believe is in a series with this book and it was the same problem it wasn’t a how to book it was a why to book and that’s not what I am looking for. I didn’t finish the entire book because I did finish the entire yoga book and was disappointed that it never got to the how to. However, I did scan the remaining chapters and didn’t see anything that indicated that it turned into a how to mediate book. There were quite a few hours in just the few chapters I did read and that made it challenging to read as well. I did rate it three stars because I feel like there is useful information in there if that’s the type of info you are looking for and can get passed all the typos and errors. I received the kindle addition of this book at a discounted price for a fair, honest, and unbiased review. Thank you!!!

Wonderful Beginners Guide! Highly Recommended!

One person found this helpful
 on October 26, 2014
By cynwall
I just finished the Meditations: Meditations Handbook Guide and would highly recommend it to anyone that has interest in meditation. The author did a wonderful job of explaining what meditation is and how it’s so much more than taking time each day to sit in silence, it’s about organic living and changing your attitude on life. The author gives examples of different ways a person can meditate. The author’s tone is casual as if they are having a conversation with you providing examples of how that aspect of mediation helped someone. The author gives steps to take to create your own mediation plan and how to track your progress. The testimonies at the end of the book are wonderful, I enjoyed hearing about how mediation has worked for others.

This book is easy to read and has lots of great ideas to …

 on April 7, 2016
By Jessika
In my opinion everyone should learn how to meditate. Meditation and breathing techniques have changed my life. I went from having severe anxiety and panic attacks that required medication, to now being medication free for 2 years and only having an occasional panic attack. My stress level has gone down and I feel a lot more calm and balanced. This book is easy to read and has lots of great ideas to help you achieve a healthy mind and body. I received this item at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Very effective guide for meditation and general health.

2 people found this helpful
 on November 1, 2014
By Jacy Reviews
This book not only contain the wealthy details of how to meditate but also how to improve your lifestyle and live organic life, it states that living organic life not only consists of eating natural food free of fertilizers and other chemicals but also even wearing natural fibers like cotton and wool. I also like the meditation and self control section where they writer states “when you have control of your emotions and feelings you are better able to control other areas of your life; specifically how you allow people and incidents to affect you.” This book is very informative.