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  • Meditations Dover Thrift Editions
  • Meditations Dover Thrift Editions
  • Meditations Dover Thrift Editions
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  • Meditations
  • Meditations Dover Thrift Editions
  • Meditations Dover Thrift Editions
  • Meditations Dover Thrift Editions
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One of the world's most famous and influential books, Meditations, by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 121–180), incorporates the stoic precepts he used to cope with his life as a warrior and administrator of an empire. Ascending to the imperial throne in A.D. 161, Aurelius found his reign beset by natural disasters and war. In the wake of these challenges, he set down a series of private reflections, outlining a philosophy of commitment to virtue above pleasure and tranquility above happiness.
Reflecting the emperor's own noble and self-sacrificing code of conduct, this eloquent and moving work draws and enriches the tradition of Stoicism, which stressed the search for inner peace and ethical certainty in an apparently chaotic world. Serenity was to be achieved by emulating in one's personal conduct the underlying orderliness and lawfulness of nature. And in the face of inevitable pain, loss, and death — the suffering at the core of life — Aurelius counsels stoic detachment from the things that are beyond one's control and a focus on one's own will and perception.
Presented here in a specially modernized version of the classic George Long translation, this updated and revised edition is easily accessible to contemporary readers. It not only provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind and personality of a highly principled Roman of the second century but also offers today's readers a practical and inspirational guide to the challenges of everyday life.

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  • Series: Dover Thrift Editions
  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Dover Publications (July 11, 1997)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 048629823X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0486298238
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Customer Reviews

A word of caution

491 people found this helpful.
 on July 23, 2016
By Nom de Bloom
Amazon lumps different translations together as merely variations on how the book is delivered. In this case, the Hays translation is the hardcover, while the authors who translated the paperback and Kindle versions aren’t specified. So use the tools available (look inside, free sample) to get an idea of the language used by the author and see if it’s something you’d like to read, or if a different translation suits you better.

It’s worth trying different translations

743 people found this helpful.
 on September 25, 2013
By davidhmorgan
I don’t know who did the translation for this one but I found it very difficult to follow. This prompted me to look around and I found another translation by George Long (Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 1862). Even though it’s not a recent translation, Long’s version is often easier to understand. Compare the translations of the first paragraph for example:

Meditations – 5stars

252 people found this helpful.
 on May 11, 2014
By Alex
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Deep and simple philosophical read.

 on September 26, 2017
By David E. Aeh
This is a nice philosophical read. To the point and amazingly simple to absorb. Is a bit dry but this is written by a warrior king who appears to be pretty much done with trying to find an answer to all of life’s riddles.

Very Good Book

One person found this helpful.
 on February 17, 2014
By Sponkey Monkey
The book arrived in perfect condition. I enjoyed reading this book for it makes you think and see things in a different light. In a way it reminds me of Ecclesiastics and it’s wisdom. Life is Life and we have to make the best we can of it, and, not take it all so seriously. Doesn’t pay to get angry, hateful, so on and so forth; life is just too dang short. So, try your best to be happy, forgive and live your life to its fullest.

Helps me help myself.

 on September 4, 2017
When I need to calm my mind or prepare myself to do some critical thinking, I pop upon this book. By the time I’ve finished reading a passage, I’m mentally prepared. I love it. Very useful tome.

Lost in Translation

 on July 31, 2017
By Matthew Brennan – "Flashing Saber"
I have always liked some of Aurelius’ thinking and once had a more modern translation. The book I recently received from Amazon is not well translated and causes his passages to lose their luster.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

 on October 30, 2017
By Hugh Mann
I know enough to know I’d be the fool critiquing an ancient classic, so I’ll review the book itself.

Read several translations, not just this one.

 on November 17, 2015
By Jose
This work should be read from several translations. That’s my opinion. Unless you understand Koine Greek from Roman times and the historical context in which Meditations was written, a mere reader can’t determine which translation is the superior and most accurate. You may like one translation over another, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.

Love it, love it, love it!

 on January 25, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I love this book!! I read it just about every day! As a Christian I obviously disagree with some aspects of his philosophy, especially his metaphysics. But the philosophy that he espouses is both manly, virtuous, and wise. Any leader who is in a position of great authority should read this book. I don’t know if you will find a man who is as humble and striving to be the best and most virtuous self that he can find it within himself to be. And always, remember, to not concern yourself with that which is outside your control, but only focus on that which lies within your grasp, virtue, truth, justice, these are things you can control, but fame, political office and such are not within your reach.