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Orlistol is the most powerful diet aid of its kind, working through multiple pathways to help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible!

Orlistol has had several years of in depth studies and focus group marketing to determine the ultimate combination of ingredients to finally help you win the fat loss struggle. In several studies, those taking Orlistol lost 37% more weight than those using a placebo. They also consumed 20% less food at each meal!

Just imagine losing a free pound for every 2 pounds that you are already losing without any additional change to your diet. And if you really want to blast that extra fat away, pair it with our powerful thermogenic fat burners Atrafen and Atrafen PM for amazing energy and greatly increased metabolic rate.

Stop letting fat and carbs get in your way! Try Orlistol today, and like all of our products, if you don't like it, you don't pay for it. We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on every one of our products!

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Customer Reviews

Working well for me, especially during travel

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 on December 15, 2017
By lizzymt
This has been working really well for me. I started a new job where I’m traveling a lot, and as a result, also eating out more frequently. This seems to have really helped curb and even reverse the weight gain that I began to experience when I started all the travel. It’s nice not to have to constantly scan menus for the healthiest option or be the person with a long list of dish modification requests when I’m out with clients. Just takes the pressure off a little bit, which is nice because, between the job and travel, I have plenty of other things to worry about!

Helped me feel fuller faster to see weight loss results faster

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 on February 5, 2018
By Nayelie
I never write reviews but when a product is amazing I will for sure take time out of my day and write one. I’ve been really wanting to loose weight for the past 2 in a half years and just couldn’t I loved fast food way to much finally after seeing this product and reading the reviews I decided what the heck it wouldn’t hurt to try and let me say I’m so glad I did. This product is amazing I take 2 in the morning a hour before meals and drink down two 8 ounces of water and when its time to eat I do feel full faster before I had no control. Its not a magic pill you do have to put some work you just can’t keep eating junk food/fatning foods and keep just sitting/laying around and think this pill will take care of everything. I started taking this product along with eating right like veggies, fish chicken breast chicken and other protein foods along with cutting out all sugary drinks and foods. I completely cut out fast food and fatning foods also tortillas, white bread etc and going to the gym 4-5 a week and I’m already down 5 pounds in just a week. This helps me cut back eating such large portions like I would before and helps me limit myself to eating small portions by making me feel fuller. Glad to say I will be a frequent customer and purchasing this product until I reach my goal and even after I reach my goal my sisters wedding is in April and I’m more then sure that I’ll reach my goal of loosing 30 pounds by then. It’s an amazing product and definitely works you also have to put work in on your part to see faster results.

Five Stars

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 on December 23, 2017
By Adrian Garulay
I am so happy with this supplements

They Actually Work!!!

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 on January 24, 2018
By Amazon Customer
I always leave reviews on any product and I too wanted a free bottle because this actually works! I wanted to wait until I tried it for a week before I left a review. I’ve been on it 6 days and I’ve lost 4lbs! I’ve changed my eating habits slightly but not much and my cravings have went down quite a bit. I’ll be incorporating workouts so I can only imagine what will happen from there. Even the days I over eat or eat badly, I didn’t gain any weight or fluctuate at all. I would recommend and I also just bought the Elite as well to try them after I finish this bottle.

A Healthy and Effective Way to Lose Weight!

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 on October 15, 2017
By Paladin
I have had excellent results with Orlistol, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight. Taken as directed, it has none of the embarrassing side effects of Alli, nor is it as expensive. Orlistol seems to be an especially effective carb blocker (my downfall!) But friends who use it think it equally useful in countering the effects of sugar. It seems versatile enough to accommodate all weight loss regimens; I lost seven pounds in one month!

I am just happy I am not eating the way I use to

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 on September 25, 2017
By J
This has definitely suppressed my appetite. I don’t feel as hungry as I use to, and my portions have decreased in size. However, I did lose 6lb when first taking the pills, but do not seem to have lost anymore. I am just happy I am not eating the way I use to. I’m pretty sure once I am able to exercise again, I will lose the weight.

Very pleased with my purchase

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 on September 19, 2017
By Milena
I rarely leave reviews but this one is definitely worth it! I tried many things before when it comes to products that claim to help you lose weight and suppress an appetite, but can’t remember anything that would live up to its claims unlike this product. As soon as I received the bottle I gave it a try. It definitely does what it claims especially when it comes to suppressing your appetite. I wouldn’t feel as hungry as I would usually feel throughout the day and I didn’t crave any bad foods where usually I would crave carbs all day every day. I didn’t follow any strict diet but tried to eat healthy on most days. The first few days when taking the pills I felt great and my stomach looked less bloated. Unfortunately, I went for a week on vacation where I ate anything and everything I wanted not to mention the amount of alcohol I consumed therefore; I can’t say I lost weight and see a huge difference in my body. Although, I can’t say it helped me with weight just yet it definitely helped me with my appetite. Combined with a healthy life style this product can definitely help you stay on track, suppress appetite, and help you shed some extra pounds.

Love this product.

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 on August 10, 2017
By Amazon Customer
This product is excellent. It has more potent ingredients than Ally and it works better. Just remember to take as suggested because if you take too much, well, you’ll be visiting the bathroom frequently. If you take as directed you are fine.

I have been taking it usually once or twice a day (2 tablets each) and I feel great. I don’t feel bloated and it gives me …

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 on July 7, 2017
By Shellee ❤️
I have about 8 lbs in the past 2 weeks since I’ve been taking this. I have been taking it usually once or twice a day (2 tablets each) and I feel great. I don’t feel bloated and it gives me more energy and I just feel better overall. I will say it does make you go to the bathroom quite frequently but it’s not like it’s horrible. Lol

I lost over 9 pounds in a week and I am so glad I found these products on Amazon

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 on July 30, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I’ve been taking Orlistol,Atrafen Elite and Atrafen Pm. I lost over 9 pounds in a week and I am so glad I found these products on Amazon.I did get a little jitters for the first day because I’m not a caffeine drinker.I have no jitters now and much more energy all day and especially in the gym at 5am I have notice more sweat but it’s like a cool sweat,I don’t sweat easy.I will definitely be buying these products again, I’m trying to lose at least 20 more pounds and these products are good for keeping your snacking and over eating in check.
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