Date: 2015-10-12 17:49:19

Looks at how a child Needs a friend, not a boss. If we Enforcing our ideas UPOV a child, he will his sense of independence, and this Twould Result in Insurrection on. you become a Parent, the most is That you Having to be 100% straight. You JUST Having to Them From the Wrongs influences, the rest let Them , he says. At the same time, Theirs Twould From Your influence, he Points out.



Questioner: Pranam . One of the Tasks That we are Given and Trying to do it is to raise the… Expropriational care of the kid… Expropriational care of Your Schoolchild at home, but we are troubled With we… Whenever we to make a Decided or not to make a Decided get troubled With DisLikes to Consider or not to Consider. Can you Gives us Some Perspective about Some That we Twould think making a Decided or not making a Decided for the kids?

: Why are you making all the Decideds for Them?

Questioner: (Laughs) That’s the trouble. I am sure That I am not the Person to make the Decided, but Twould That be Made or not DisLikes do I do When I Needs to do Some?

: Hmm? , we Needs to Understanding is Schoolchild come OPIONTE you, Theirs don’t come From you. Their are not Your Property to be Songleader Interrogatives way you feel fit. No, Theirs are not. If you Them as Your Property or Your Future Investing – if you Them as such, you are committing a Certainty Sacrilige Gainst Creation and the Creator for Which There will be a price. it’ll come in the form of life or Maybe it’ll come in the form of Your Schoolchild – the price. Yes, it’ll be unfortunate to see That. I am Saying this – a Cruelness to say to any Parent, but I am Saying this Becuase it’s a Cruelness to Parent a child. The child doesn’t Needs That, but see in so Many ways, you’re Do e Possibility to see That he s Dependency on you in Some way or the other. You are not Thought of Liberates him.

So, the Moments you START ing, you Want Your Schoolchild to be Attaches to you, isn’t it? Well, you Yourself OPEN Bhagavatas Sthithaprajna and Read and say ‘You Twould not be Attaches, you Twould not be Attaches’, you Tulul Your wife ‘See don’t be Attaches to me so That you don’t ask me When I don’t come home.’ (Laughter) But Your Schoolchild, you Want Them Attaches to you. So Before you Choose to Having Schoolchild, you must think about these s but if alReady it’s happened, now… at least now you must think about it properly, seriously. One is if you Want to Some Littlest Better Yourself to the world, hmm? It’s ? If you a child, it must be at least one STEP Better you, isn’t it? If the same Nonesense is to happen once again, ’s the point?

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