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Have you ever stepped back to watch what really goes on when your children play? As psychologist Lawrence J. Cohen points out, play is children’s way of exploring the world, communicating deep feelings, getting close to those they care about, working through stressful situations, and simply blowing off steam. That’s why “playful parenting” is so important and so successful in building strong, close bonds between parents and children. Through play we join our kids in their world–and help them to

• Express and understand complex emotions
• Break through shyness, anger, and fear
• Empower themselves and respect diversity
• Play their way through sibling rivalry
• Cooperate without power struggles

From eliciting a giggle during baby’s first game of peekaboo to cracking jokes with a teenager while hanging out at the mall, Playful Parenting is a complete guide to using play to raise confident children. Written with love and humor, brimming with good advice and revealing anecdotes, and grounded in the latest research, this book will make you laugh even as it makes you wise in the ways of being an effective, enthusiastic parent.

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Customer Reviews

Great Advice Mingled with some Guilt-Genre Red Flags

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 on July 26, 2012
By Meredith Bartron
I’ll start by saying I liked the book. I read a lot of parenting books because 1) I have a rather spirited two year old (and an infant) and 2) I happen to find this particular genre of study fascinating. Since I read so many and am familiar with the kid-help writing style, I tend to be skeptical of any parenting book that has found “the way,” even while realizing that if you are going to write a book, you might as well give your opinion with confidence (I worry more about a person who reads one book and thinks they have discovered the meaning of parenting because Dr. So and So told them all studies point this way). I can’t give the book five stars because it feeds into the “you are never playing enough with or doing enough for and if you did cry it out you have scarred your children even though I have no evidence other than a hunch” theories. Let’s face it, parents spend more time playing with their children today than likely any other time in human history. We are doing enough. That said, we probably aren’t playing smartly, and this is where the book had great value and why I would ultimately recommend it. I’ve tried a couple of the techniques, like pretending to scream and making it a game when you actually really want to scream, or singing instructions, or my favorite-grabbing a toy and running when two kids won’t stop fighting over it-and they all helped the mood in our family a lot. Simply by reading this book, I find myself engaging more when I play with my daughter (I’m a stay at home mom, so I have a lot of time to play). When she clings to me, I turn the tables and pretend like I can’t let her go until she is the one complaining about me clinging. I would never have thought of that. So yes, the book is good, but, no, it is not perfect and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t agree with everything the author says or find some of the advice suffocating. I’ve noticed that all experts present facts, yet a good portion of the experts disagree, meaning take what works for you and leave the rest alone because no one psychologist or doctor or pediatrician has discovered THE WAY.

Five Stars

 on September 3, 2017
By Beverly E Montgomery
Great book.

Five Stars

 on July 11, 2017
Excellent book. Well worth reading.

An approach we can live with

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 on May 28, 2014
By The Kirkos Caravan
We’ve read several different parenting books this year and this one was the most practical and enjoyable- playful parenting is definitely worth the effort before other forms of less enjoyable parenting styles. I also recommend “The Discipline Book” by Dr. William and Martha Sears.

Four Stars

 on July 18, 2017
By Kathryn Phillips
Great book with lots of useful ideas.

Excellent book. Lots of ideas on how to be …

2 people found this helpful.
 on July 27, 2015
By Emilia Rainwalker
Excellent book. Lots of ideas on how to be successful playing, while helping children with difficulties.

Highly recommended

2 people found this helpful.
 on April 21, 2015
A book every parent should read. I gave it 5 stars even though I found it a little repetitive, but it’s such fun and full of really good practical advice.

easy ways to solve behavior problems and to get connected

27 people found this helpful.
 on December 30, 2001
By ChristineMM
This book is excellent, so much more than what I had expected. A must-read for all parents.

More creative ways to parent postively

8 people found this helpful.
 on January 16, 2008
By Gina J. Beckwith
Oh the creative ideas that flow from this book. It also explains the reasons and meaning of playing with kids. My son (2) hid under the bed after his bath the other day. I couldn’t get him out no matter how I asked and positively prompted. Urgh! But……I flashed back to some of my reading. I said “Oooh, you look like a SNAKE under that bed! I am a mouse and snakes eat mice! EEK- don’t eat me!!! Squeak squeak!” I got on the floor pretending to be so scared of him eating me. He immediately “slithered” hissing from under the bed to “eat” me! We both had our needs met without a hassle! Hooray!

Five Stars

 on November 22, 2017
By Courtney L Gostkowski
Really great book. It’s a new and very helpful way of approaching parenting.