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Customer Reviews

Nature’s perfect midnight lullaby

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 on July 30, 2013
By Grey Buyer
As I’ve aged I find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, my mind racing with all the mechanisms of my day. I’ve tried lots of solutions but found sounds of nature are my keys to the doors of the slumber hotel. The only nature exceptions are crashing waves on a beach and squawking birds, which for some reason stimulate my thoughts.

I love this!

 on December 8, 2017
By akaziggy
I found this for my six month old grandson who is stubborn and refuses to nap, even when his little eyes are tired and his body tells him he needs sleep. I turn this on, put him in my arms, and within a minute he is out. That includes me as well! I have become hooked on this and find I use it to help me fall asleep. I get the best night sleep ever when I turn this on. I only wish this could be purchased so it could downloaded onto my Kindle Fire. But I have the first edition of the Kindle Fire and very little memory and our Xfinity WiFi is so slow that it causes it to stall or quite. Other then this, I absolutely love this ambient sound video.


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 on August 1, 2016
By LadyJ
I love going to sleep with this one. It is so relaxing. I live in Alaska where there is not real thunderstorms like I get in the midwest, so this takes me home and is very very soothing. And its long enough to make sure I drift off to sleep. Love this video and sounds.

Don’t go away

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 on September 18, 2014
By DMR008
A relaxing, tranquil sound-track and unobtrusive accompanying video makes this a great companion for sleep, meditation, or just quiet time. If you are considering this, presumably you already know you like the sound of rain. The rain sound is very high quality, and it varies subtly and gently over time. You won’t get distracted by any poor editing (bad loops).

In My Top 3 Sleep Videos

 on March 2, 2017
By mommy2trent
Too bright for me to sleep to nut then I found the ultra dark version of this video, so problem corrected. The thunder is too loud compared to the rain and wakes me unless I turn down the volume until I can’t hear the rain. Plus I can hear a car go by in the background which ruins it for me a little. But I can see how that would be hard to avoid with an 8 hour video. Overall this is in my top 3 sleep videos.

Very Relaxing

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 on November 29, 2015
By Audra in WI
I have always had difficulty falling asleep. It normally takes me about 90 minutes to do so. I won’t say that I fall asleep immediately with this, but it has definitely helped. I set my tv sleep timer for 60 mins and I’ve only been awake a couple of times when the tv turned off. That means that I’m falling asleep within an hour which is a definite improvement. Very relaxing and would be good for meditation as well.

Relaxing Rain Sounds Put The Mind At Ease

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 on October 9, 2014
By Steven Howard
Great audio with a nice mix of different rain sounds (some light and gentle, others monsoon like), and the occasional clap of thunder.

Box Office Superstar

 on September 26, 2015
By Johnny B. NoGoode
So, I just finished my viewing of this title. I was originally filled with doubt, despite the exceptionally high ratings. Fortunately, my interest was piqued from the get-go! The characters were beautifully fleshed out, the colors and filtering really popped. I honestly felt like I was in the forest in the middle of a rainstorm, mere inches away from the leaves, leaving me exposed, yet oddly relaxed, in the cold and silent jungle. Without spoilers(for those of us who’ve finished it know there are many), the plot is absolutely thickly laden with twists and turns, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire….however long this movie ended up being. I don’t know, I honestly lost track and fell asleep. From the sheer epicosity of this well-produced, stunning rendition of the actual events of The Great Emu Wars of Australia.10/10

Great track but doesn’t run very long?

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 on July 7, 2016
By Avery T
This puts me right to sleep, at least it did the first time I tried it. To be fair, I’ve never tried this on a night I was up with mild insomnia or anything. Not that the general public should hold free amazon videos accountable for sleep disorders anyway…. This is a nice soundtrack. Some people didn’t like the thunder, I didn’t mind it. It’s soft, nothing crazy unless you’ve got this turned ALL the way up. Some people complained about the sound quality but if you don’t have a quality sound system or surround sound speakers and synthesizers etc, I wouldn’t expect this video to improve your entertainment setup, that’s on YOU. Sounded fine to b e considering I have no special speakers, just a vizio 42 inch, no bells or whistles.

love it

 on May 30, 2016
By Robert B.
Seriously, awesome relaxing restful. It’s not perfect but it’s close. There are lulls during the thunderstorm and it flows very nice. Just over 1 hour of relaxation, though I’m usually out cold within 15 minutes.