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Rock-N-Flex Exercise System Your total body workout…..in just minutes a day! Nautilus, Inc., a leading marketer of heath and fitness products, has selected the Rock-N-Flex® Exercise System for a new promotional series with its Bowflex® family of products. Nautilus has paired the Rock-N-Flex® with its industry-leading home fitness product, the Bowflex® home exercise gym, and other exercise products that it currently markets worldwide. The Rock N Flex Exercise System is a complete body workout program that provides core strength training, improved posture, resulting in back pain relief, joint pain relief and improved flexibility. Advantages found in this type of balance exercise system is that it is a low cost, portable and efficient strength training program that produces results similar to more expensive strength training equipment. The "core six flex" part of the exercise program immediately starts to improve posture, range of motion and function of the whole body. After performing the "core six flex" the user can then utilize the strength training program, the balance exercise to gain flexibility, golf stretching, exercises for ankle injury or additional Rock N Flex functions depending on personal fitness goals. Strength training equipment costing thousands of dollars can't work all the body systems addressed by the simple to use Rock N Flex system. The core strength training program was developed in coordination with Physical therapists and Athletic trainers from a major university. They incorporated the balance exercise and flexibility principals of Tai Chi and Yoga in addition to the most needed exercises for core strength, posture, back pain relief and ankle injury. The result was an all in one balance board, core strength training program, and exercise for posture that is extremely fast and easy to use. With the Rock N Flex system you get the most effective exercises from the east and the west in one simple to use program

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Impact Sports Technologies introduces the world's first armband heart rate monitor and calorimeter, the ePulse2TM. Until now dynamic heart rate monitors required an uncomfortable chest strap and special watch practically restricting their use to serious athletes. ePulse2, the "People's Fitness Monitor," now makes it practical and convenient for anyone who exercises or is interested in tracking calories burned to obtain the benefits of heart rate monitoring while conducting literally any type of activity from running to walking or simply doing daily chores. Since the ePulse2 Armband Heart Rate Monitor does not require an ungainly chest strap and special watch, it can be conveniently used for general fitness, during aerobics, running, tennis/racquetball, golf, resistance training, weight loss monitoring, or even daily activities. Features: Continuous Heart Rate Max / Min / Avg Heart Rate Exercise Calories Burned Calorie Count Down Target Heart Rate Zones Color Day / Night OLED Display Custom Heart Rate Zones Rechargeable Battery Exercise Time Strapless – Armband Only! Stop Watch with Split Times Technology: The ePulse2 brings the benefits of heart rate monitoring to everyone with its ease of use and convenience. This is accomplishment via sophisticated integration of light-sensor and micro-chip technology (similar to that used in hospital heart rate monitors) that allows the ePulse2 to accurately read the pulse from the forearm under exercise and motion conditions. The ePulse2 is lightweight, incorporates a customizable, easily read day/night full color OLED display and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It requires no programming to immediately display heart rate and with a simple input of personal data, it will also calculate calories burned and target exercise zones. ePulse2 works equally well for both men and women. This innovative product addresses the prevailing issue other heart rate monitors struggle to overcome…the wearing of a chest strap! At best, chest straps are an annoyance, and at worst, are so uncomfortable that they alienate many people from utilizing this type of valuable training and fitness tool. In particular, women seem very sensitive to chest straps and many won't use heart rate monitors due to this physical requirement. Now, ePulse2 comfortably conveys heart rate (and other important data) allowing anyone to easily regulate their workout intensity and better attain specific fitness or weight management goals.

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The Secret to Becoming a Better Musician or Athlete
Do you want to master a musical instrument like the guitar or piano or a sport like golf or rock climbing?
If so, then you need to learn one of the great secrets of master musicians and athletes the world over. They have great hands!
And the best way to achieve great hands is with hand and finger exercisers.
Why Hand and Finger Exercisers Are the Preferred Choice
– They can be used for exercising individual fingers as well as the whole hand
– They improve the flexibility and independent action of your fingers
Benefits of the Innovease M513 Exerciser Bundle
– The bundle includes the MVR5 Hand and Finger Exerciser plus the SA-13 Stretch Band Exerciser
– The two exercisers together provide a complete strength training solution for your fingers, hands and wrists by conditioning both your flexor and extensor muscles
– The bundle comes with complete instructions and a full exercise program for each exerciser
Why the MVR5 Is the Best Hand and Finger Exerciser Available Today
– It is rugged and well made
– It has resistance that is fully adjustable from 3.0 to 8.5 lb on each finger
– It saves you money by providing the same capabilities as 4 fixed-resistance exercisers
– Its fifth button allows finger extension exercises, critical for guitar and piano players
– It is great for physical therapy of the fingers, hand and wrist
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
If for any reason you decide the Innovease Exerciser Bundle is not for you, just return it for a full refund
Purchase Today
Order your Innovease Hand and Finger Exerciser Bundle right now and take the first step to having the Hands of a Master.