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The Dating Cure is a book for any woman who is on the dating scene but isn't getting the long-term relationship she wants. Findling helps women identify themselves in one of the eight major dating personalities and helps them change their dating style – and change their lives. Ms. Picky – her list of dating criteria is a mile long. Ms. All About Me – her most common line on a first date: "Enough about you – tell me what you think of me." Ms. Eternal Bachelorette – she loves her single lifestyle. Part of her wants a relationship, but her fear of boredom keeps her away from long-term involvement. Ms. In Control – on the outside, she's got it all together. However, her need to control the people and events around her often keeps her from forming lasting romantic relationships. Featuring all the trademarks of a Polka Dot Press book, The Dating Cure provides a solid program that helps readers achieve their dating and relationship goals.

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  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Polka Dot Press (June 1, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1593372612
  • ISBN-13: 978-1593372613
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Customer Reviews

This book really helped me ! Very useful !

 on June 23, 2005
By jc
This is Ms. Findling’s 3rd book, and I was very happy to get my hands on it ! As usual, she is intelligent, offers well-thought out-advice, and this info. actually helps a woman keep her self-esteem intact while she is in the sometimes mysterious dating world !

The Dating Cure

 on September 4, 2011
By chrisspin
A Great RX for why we are still single. Love this book, makes sense, an easy read and on my way to Love.

Mildly insightful, but not really helpful

 on November 30, 2009
By V. McTiernan
This book had some good points and most women could probably identify with a few of the types portrayed, but in general offered no real help in the dating world.

1/2 Dating Advice, 1/2 Self-Help

 on September 5, 2005
By C.G.
I was skeptical before I read this book based on the different female personality types that are the focus of the book. I thought, “Oh, no WAY will I match any of these types to a ‘T’, so why bother?” Imagine my surprise when I found that I possessed a few characteristics of *several* personality types, which grabbed my interest. Once I identified my self-defeating behaviors that lead to dating angst, I was given a list of suggestions on how to redirect energy into something positive versus detrimental. For example, the author suggests that instead of obsessing over when the phone will ring next, women should distract themselves by indulging in positive, nurturing activities and behaviors (she gives specifics in the book for each). It is really sobering to see yourself reflected in these chapters, but everything is always offered as a chance to change for YOUR OWN GOOD with hints on how to do it.

bought as a gift but read it myself!

 on May 12, 2007
By N. Waters
No higher review than liking a book so much that it becomes part of your own library instead of getting gift wrapped. I bought this for a friend’s birthday… and even though I’m not in the market for a date, I learned so much about my interactions with others, that I kept the book myself to finish and share. Sold, practical analysis of your relationship style that can be applied in non-dating situations, from my perspective.

Worth every penny and sooo easy to read and follow…..

 on November 3, 2006
By Monica L. Pontarolo
This book nails it! It catagorizes the types of men we have all dated and helps us see them for who they are/were. I would highly recommend this book. It is wonderful to see the different types of men who can’t give themselves to us. It is NOTHING we did. We did not break them and it is NOT our job to fix them. Wake up ladies and realize the time we waste on those detour men could be better spent accepting and loving our selves and giving into our friendships. If you have done your best and it still isn’t working or he is toxic Please cut your ties to him. It rarely if ever gets better and pulling us down with them destroys two spirits. You deserve better and there will be men out there that will cherish you and love you. Without the DRAMA. Life is too short, but way too long when wasted on a hopeless cause like toxic men!

More light on the problem

 on July 31, 2005
By Alan Levin
I’m one of the men in the Roundtable of Men in the book who gave feedback on dating and relationships.


 on August 3, 2005
By Jaki McCalvin

Mutual understanding with this book

 on June 23, 2005
By Kathy
I believe this book had a great deal of truth to it. She’s not one sided in blaming men for every crushing relationship they’ve had, but shows how women can own their parts in causing men to distance from them or not want to have a permanent relationship with them. This book is a perfect guide to successful relationships.