• The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals
  • The Sneaky Chef Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals
  • The Sneaky Chef Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals
  • The Sneaky Chef Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals
  • The Sneaky Chef Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals
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Parents will do almost anything to get their kids to eat healthier, but unfortunately, they’ve found that begging, pleading, threatening, and bribing don’t work. With their patience wearing thin, parents will give in” for the sake of family peace, and reach for kiddie” favorites-often nutritionally inferior choices such as fried fish sticks, mac n’ cheese, Pop-sicles, and cookies. Missy Chase Lapine, former publisher of Eating Well magazine, faced the same challenges with her two young daughters, and she sought a solution. Now in The Sneaky Chef, Lapine presents over 75 recipes that ingeniously disguise the most important superfoods inside kids’ favorite meals. With the addition of a few simple make-ahead purees or clever replacements, (some may surprise you!) parents can pack more fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants in their kids’ foods. Examples of Sneaky” recipes include: No Harm Chicken Parm Power Pizza Incognito Burritos Guerilla Grilled Cheese Brainy Brownies Health-by-Chocolate Cookies Quick fixes for Jell-O(R)

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Customer Reviews

Don’t put spinach puree in mashed potatoes…………..

 on May 22, 2018
By Lundy Lane
I was actually looking for ways to get veggies in my husband. This book pretty much taught me that HEY! you can puree’ pretty much any veggie and put it in pretty much anything. So this book pretty much had me pureeing everything and hiding it in all kinds of stuff…..hamburger, brownies, mac and cheese, etc. but I am a simple cook so I didn’t really use the book. I just used common sense – don’t put spinach puree in mashed potatoes or you will get caught. I did put spinach in brownies and YES my husband ate them with no clue or complaints, I’ve done it a few times since and nobody questions the taste.

Missing Ingredient Measurement Info, But Great Content

 on December 16, 2017
By Amazon Customer
3 Star Review for poor editing only, otherwise I rate between 4 and 5 (haven’t finished the book yet)

Informative and easy

 on March 23, 2017
By Care
LOVE this book!! I have an extremely picky toddler and was beginning to panic that he was not getting sufficient nutrition. Recently I started putting the purple puree (pureed blueberries and spinach!) in his pancakes, and he gobbles it up!!

Great book!

 on February 18, 2016
By Ze317
This is a great book to start but I would recommend getting all of them. My picky toddler eats peas, broccoli, spinach, carrots…you name it…without flinching (foods he won’t normally touch)! This is a book about pureeing vegetables and adding them to foods you eat without anyone knowing. It’s great that the author has done the experimenting for you so you don’t have to guess what purees work well with each food. I mostly use the dinner recipes in this and her other books and I still offer vegetables whole along with each dish that but now I’m not worried when he throws them on the floor. When he’s ready to accept them whole I will still use this book because even the adults in my house know we always want seconds of the main dish so that means extra veggies!

I love these ideas for sneaking veggies into meals for my …

 on October 5, 2016
By Michelle H
I love these ideas for sneaking veggies into meals for my kids. Last year it seemed like we were always sick, and I was worried it was due to lack of nutrition in our diets. This book has so many good ways to sneak veggies and fruits into foods kids will definitely eat. Yes, it takes some prep work, but most food worth eating does. I love these ideas, and will continue to use this book in the future.

More Than Just "Hiding" Strategies

 on August 2, 2008
By ScribeBuddy
My oldest and youngest sons are wonderful eaters. My middle son, who is autistic, is not. I have recently been strategizing on how to improve his diet by finding nutrient-rich foods that he enjoys (tomato soup, for instance, and sugar-free peanut butter, both favorites). I read the reviews on Sneaky Chef and was instantly won over. “However,” I said to myself, “I’m not going to just ‘fool’ my kids constantly. I’m going to continue to offer them *whole* vegetables and fruits with their meals in addition to hidden-vegetable foods.”


 on June 30, 2011
By JulieQ
This book is fabulous. As a mother, it is so important to me that I provide my child with nutritious meals and I’m not the sort of person who can just “throw” together a meal — I need instruction and ideas and this book is just heaven sent for me! I have already tried the spaghetti sauce with the orange puree (carrot & sweet potato) and it is wonderful — nobody would EVER know! Because it was super easy, I used organic baby food for the orange puree, but I will make the other purees from scratch because I can’t find them in baby food. But I can’t wait to try the other recipes! And the book will grow with my family, because my son is only 13 months old and there are many recipes that he can’t quite eat because he doesn’t have all his teeth yet. It’s also great for my husband and I – to make sure we get nutritious meals as well. The book also has nice photos of the prepared meals. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Thanks a million Sneaky Chef!

Where was this book 8 years ago??!!

 on July 8, 2007
By BunnyMum
It has been an 8 year struggle to get my daughter to eat veggies! If only I had this book the day she was born… I would have started it immediately!

Appealing recipes

 on July 1, 2013
By Schnerphel
I bought this book to help our family eat better. I have been reading through it, and her methods seem fairly easy. I haven’t tried any recipes from it yet, but they do sound delicious & definitely kid-friendly. I made my own baby food purees, so making the “sneaky” purees for her recipes does not sound impossible to me. I like that she gives you the option for “from scratch” recipes, or “quick fix” using store-packaged goods. I think we are going to like this book.