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To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy

Finally, The JEWEL and the companion book to compliment of all my best sellers! This dating advice for women book gives you the blueprint to the male mind so YOU can get what you want from a man and NOT the other way around.

Where is the manual to teach women how to deal with men? Where is the detailed report to communicate with a man and get one's desires met? Where is the dating book that gives women the keys to understanding the male mind? And where is the course instructing women on how to keep a man in love with them?

Well Here it is.

Guys get away with tons of stuff and YOU allow them to. This book will strip men of their power and render them helpless UNTIL you have have gained what you desire through his actions. And then and ONLY then will we "power him up" again.

Hi I'm Gregg. I'm a top dating coach out of Boston and this is what I am offering you:

Buy this book and their is a good chance you can talk directly and privately with me.

How many Author's offer you this?

Everyone's story is unique. You are unique. Men are unique. But your situation is not. I have seen it and FIXED it a thousand times. So if we can talk in COMBINATION with this dating book – we should REALLY be able to improve your situation.

This is what I do: I take as many emails as I can during my week. So it's possible I can talk with you directly. But please, please don't beat me up if I can't get to you or I arrive to late. My email is at the back of this book. I actually like to work with my readers and my reviews prove this.

This book is your core read to understand how we think, my best sellers are your tools and I am your confidence builder.

In Section One We Learn His Blueprint:The conveyer belt to manhood (The influences of our upbringing)How we love in different ways and how these ways affect YOUHow men determine a keeperThe 3 things men require (they are not what you think)The 5 mistakes women ALWAYS make and don't realize it (this alone will change your life)

Doesn't it drive you nuts how a man will show his soft underbelly to his best male friends? He won't show you crap when it comes to his emotions but put him alone with his buds and he spills his feelings. This is because of the CONTEMPT that ALL men hold over women. I am going to teach you something I call "Man Mode" to counter this contempt. Man mode is HOW you communicate to a man just like his friends do. It's simple and it's MAGICAL. And he won't even know you are doing it!

In Section Two We Learn Your New Playbook:How and why you need to control your emotionsMan ModeHow to become a higher woman of value (experiences – the more the better)Baggage handling (both his and yours)My formula for attraction (complete this first, then find a guy)Confidence building MY WAY (You have never heard of this trick!)Learn that some men are just a-holes and NEED to get DUMPEDPower dating and why you need to do this – FREE BEST SELLER BOOK INCLUDED!Is he the one? And the plan to test his ass (this is fun)

Ladies, DO NOT PASS UP THIS BOOK! Hit the buy right now button in the upper right and let's get to work.

About The Author

Gregg Michaelsen, Boston's #1 dating coach strikes again with top dating advice for women. He hold's the #1 position for dating advice on Amazon with his books; Power Texting Men, The Social Tigress, Who Holds the Cards Now?, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast and Love is in The Mouse.

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  • Series: Dating and Relationship Advice for Women
  • Paperback: 124 pages
  • Publisher: GreggMichaelsen (June 18, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0692237240
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692237243
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Customer Reviews

Giving your all can squash your dreams.

120 people found this helpful.
 on July 3, 2014
By Amazon Customer
I dated a great guy for over a year and suddenly he dropped off the face of the earth. Granted, it was a long distance relationship but we traveled a lot together and to me it was perfect. I had my own time yet always had something to look forward to by making the next plan to see each other. I made myself so available and able to go at any time, but by doing so put my own interests on hold and became less interesting and no longer a challenge. My heart was broken and I couldn’t understand what had happened so of course I questioned and tried to reason that we were so good together. We didn’t fight, we had lots af fun, did interesting things together, and sex was great. On and on and on…. I really saw myself in this book and it has helped me see that although I am a very independent and capable woman that I self sabatoged my relationship by giving up part of myself. This is a must read for woman who give too much!

Very inspirational!

 on November 26, 2017
By paris
Omg Gregg is so awesome. He made me feel like I was his younger baby sister or niece. He’s so down to earth and real. And FUNNY!. I’ve read so many books over the years about men and relationships, so some of the things he said I’ve heard before but the difference I believe is he made me feel like I could actually be successful. His life coaching skills resonate with me perfectly. He’s inspired me and now that I’m older too life experience and wisdom has taught me he’s on point. I love when he talks about exercising and how all that plays into our confidence and self improvement which is such a catalyst in all this playing out for us. I love the book and so glad I got it. I can’t wait to read the others. He feels like a real true friend. Thank you Gregg if you read this. This is an awesome book!!

A Wake Up Call for Women

 on December 10, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Gregg is great!!! I thought I understood men before I read this book. I was raised in a loving home with two loving parents. I don’t have Daddy Issues and I have had positive male models in my family from my grandfather, father, uncles, brother, and cousins. However, I had a failed marriage and other long term relationships that did not last. I always thought it was the guys fault. Clearly, there was nothing wrong with me. Lol. But, I came across this book with a catchy title and I decided to read this book. Of course, there were some things that I already knew, but there were some points that Gregg made that made me see where my decision-making in regards to men was flawed. Here are some things you should know:


 on November 19, 2017
By Valerie
It did not provide me with very much advice. I was expecting a deeper insight into the male psyche. I already understood the BASIC concepts in this book. I perceived this a waste of my money but for another person it my provide valuable insight.

Great fast read

 on November 18, 2017
By stepreviewer
I’m excited to add to my hobbies and daily adventures in this thing called life. I️ am a better person for it, but I️ admit I️ have held on to shame and blame. I’m ready to let go and stop the jerks from getting past the door.

Why can’t a lady think more like a man?

 on December 12, 2017
By Robin A.
Gregg’s advice is funny, personal, and VERY good! It’s great to have the honest opinion of a man to explain the mysteries of their complex/simple minds. I look forward to improved communication and relationships and to reading the other books he’s written.

This book is amazing. Being a newbie into adult relationship

 on November 4, 2017
By UK_customer
This book is amazing. Being a newbie into adult relationship, and having read this book, I know exactly why I lost my ex-bf. He told me some of the things as said in the book, and but I didn’t quite comprehend at that time. I made so many mistakes that the author pointed out in the book. I wish I had came across this book earlier, as it could easily have saved my relationship. This reading would definitely be worthy of your time!

Five Stars

 on August 19, 2017
By Susan N.
This was a fun book to read. I enjoyed it.

Five Stars

 on August 7, 2017
By Enchanted
This book is very informative & direct to point!

Best advice ever – to the point

 on June 1, 2015
By P. Miller
Gregg is not only entertaining to read, but he doesn’t mince words AT ALL. He gets right to the point and tells you what to do and not to do if you want to keep a man interested in you. It’s a wake up call and a slap upside the head that many of us need when we’re trapped in the dream state insanity that we think is romance. And Gregg doles out his sound advice with a good dose of humor and kindness. This is the best dating and relationship advice book I’ve ever read. Trash all the others.