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The Secret to Becoming a Better Musician or Athlete
Do you want to master a musical instrument like the guitar or piano or a sport like golf or rock climbing?
If so, then you need to learn one of the great secrets of master musicians and athletes the world over. They have great hands!
And the best way to achieve great hands is with hand and finger exercisers.
Why Hand and Finger Exercisers Are the Preferred Choice
– They can be used for exercising individual fingers as well as the whole hand
– They improve the flexibility and independent action of your fingers
Benefits of the Innovease M513 Exerciser Bundle
– The bundle includes the MVR5 Hand and Finger Exerciser plus the SA-13 Stretch Band Exerciser
– The two exercisers together provide a complete strength training solution for your fingers, hands and wrists by conditioning both your flexor and extensor muscles
– The bundle comes with complete instructions and a full exercise program for each exerciser
Why the MVR5 Is the Best Hand and Finger Exerciser Available Today
– It is rugged and well made
– It has resistance that is fully adjustable from 3.0 to 8.5 lb on each finger
– It saves you money by providing the same capabilities as 4 fixed-resistance exercisers
– Its fifth button allows finger extension exercises, critical for guitar and piano players
– It is great for physical therapy of the fingers, hand and wrist
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
If for any reason you decide the Innovease Exerciser Bundle is not for you, just return it for a full refund
Purchase Today
Order your Innovease Hand and Finger Exerciser Bundle right now and take the first step to having the Hands of a Master.

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Customer Reviews

Finally, a sure-fire way to build up my fretting hand!

One person found this helpful.
 on January 20, 2015
By RPowers
I don’t mean to lecture, but a few facts are important to mention. Despite many years playing the guitar my left hand always pained me after playing for extended periods. Now I play each Sunday in our church praise-team and during rehearsal twice each week as well. Since a typical set can last an hour, and many songs have 200-300 chord changes (not chords) my left hand gets a real workout. Yet, despite all the practice at home and the rehearsals, my left hand still hurts.

So glad I found this Hand and Finger Exerciser Bundle on Amazon!

One person found this helpful.
 on January 24, 2015
By Forest Forest
Pleasantly surprised at the workmanship. The Hand & Finger exerciser has adjustable resistance for each finger, which is I feel is necessary for effective results. This was only slightly more expensive than other units that had uniform resistance capabilities. In those cases, you needed to purchase additional gadgets for varied resistance levels. The finger stretch was a real added bonus in their bundle at little cost. It may be too small for larger hands, though. However, the directions give an alternative idea to use it to get around this. Innovease seemed very caring in wanting customers to have a good experience and advertise that they will “right” any mistakes in the order. I have been at various levels of physical therapy for a hand injury. These two hand and finger exercisers have been great tools for me to use. I noticed a marked improvement almost right away. I am greatly encouraged that using this bundle will give me positive long term permanent results.

Compete system for stronger hands.

2 people found this helpful.
 on December 29, 2014
By Mitzie
Unlike other finger exercisers this one comes with a complete exercise program for the entire hand ‘system’ and is very sturdy and well made. The only thing I would change, is it would be nice if the stretch band had tabs molded on it to help you pull it on your fingers. Not withstanding it’s a great product and the seller provides great service (including an exercise program), product highly recommended.

Great devices, great package deal, great customer service

2 people found this helpful.
 on February 4, 2015
By Nick
Great products, work perfectly well. I originally wanted the finger pistons and got the stretchy band just as a bonus, but I actually like the stretchy band more. Awesome hand/forearm workout. And the instructional PDFs they sent along with the equipment are wonderful.

It works and I’m living proof!

One person found this helpful.
 on December 24, 2014
By Parsad
When I first saw this, I thought to myself that this is probably some cheap toy-like thing that will be a waste of money and time. Then after using it like 3 times, I can feel a drastic change in my fretting speed and accuracy. I play the electric guitar and bass, and this pretty much made my fingers faster in the first few days.

Works okay, really squeaky and made of cheap plastic that binds on itself. The rubber band is great!

One person found this helpful.
 on September 10, 2015
By Rev
The band is the best part, works well. However, the grip exerciser itself is made of cheap plastic that binds on itself as you try to compress it, it squeaks badly, and the orange rubber bottom is constantly falling off. Definitely worth spending more for a higher quality item.

Press 1 to start, press 2 to add, press all 5 to strengthen your hands…

 on August 23, 2015
By Evan Jacobson
Since I’m a beginning guitarist, I had to buy something to strengthen my fingers. Both of these products are great. Exercises are included when you order this product I will caution the user to NOT overdo any of the exercises and follow the instructions. You don’t want to strain or pull muscles. Rather, you just want to add some strength so you can press down the guitar strings. I started noticing an increase in strength in just 2 weeks. Best, EJ

Great to keep your fingers busy and in shape

 on April 19, 2015
By Elorim
These are great. I walk for about 1hr a day every workday, and I use these as I walk. I love how each of your fingers can have its independent source of resistance. The only drawback is that I wish the resistance setting could go higher.

Worth the wait

One person found this helpful.
 on February 6, 2015
By José Manuel Avila
I waited a month for the product to arrive due to complications. Even with that said, it was well worth the wait. Would have given it 5 stars but the issues with delivery held it back. Everyone wins this way!

Great for building hand and finger strength

One person found this helpful.
 on February 14, 2015
By Gr82BGrn
Mastered the “gripping” half of the order. The finger expansion one is a bit more difficult to master