4 Honest Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone: Thomas DeLauer

4 Honest Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone: Thomas DeLauer



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4 Honest Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone: Thomas DeLauer

I’m gonna make this one really, really quick. Talking about testosterone and four quick ways that you could boost it, particularly surrounding the world of sleep. I’m gonna break it down super, super simple, super, super fast, not like my normal videos. By the way, if you like this video, if you like these quick videos, make sure you hit that like button down below the video so that I know, which direction I wanna go with some of my videos.

Okay, number one, more weight training the right way. The thing is, is exercise itself produces testosterone, helps hormones out, and contrary to popular belief, but what a lot of people will tell you, it’s not just a matter of weight training only. Cardio itself also boosts testosterone, but when it comes to weight training, we wanna be focusing on heavier compound movements. I’m talking about dead lifts, I’m talking about bench press, I’m talking about squats, simply because it causes a secretion of testosterone later on down the line because of the recovery.

Now, here’s something kind of interesting. What actually happens is right after your weight training, your testosterone levels plummet. A lot of people will tell you that testosterone levels increase right after you workout, wrong. They decrease for quite some time. There’s one study that took a group of participants over the course of four weeks, they had them implement heavyweight training. Well, 40% increase in testosterone after four weeks of introducing heavy compound movements, 40%, that’s huge. Additionally, if cardio’s your game, do some high intensity interval training. We’re talking like 90 seconds on, one minute off. That’s the best kind of ratio.

The next way that you can boost your T, make sure you’re getting your vitamin D, whether you’re getting that out in the sunlight, or you’re supplementing it. You see, vitamin D has a strong corelation with our hormone values because it is a hormone. Studies have shown that people that take about 3,000 iu’s of vitamin D per day, end up with 25% higher testosterone levels. Now, all the mechanism is kind of not known, except for the fact that vitamin D does have somewhat of an adipogenic balancing effect on all of our hormones.

The next one, intermittent fasting. Why? Simply because intermittent fasting works on something called leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is involved in the hunger process of our body, so when we eat, leptin is produced. Leptin also helps us burn some fat. When we down regulate leptin, we can actually allow our bodies to burn more fat, but also boost a little bit of testosterone. Intermittent fasting causes a decrease in body fat, and there’s also direct corelation between lower body fat and higher T levels. It constantly exponentially grows from there.

Then lastly, is sleep. The big one that I talked about at the very beginning. Studies are now showing that if you are lacking sleep, you could be suffering from a 60% loss of testosterone. Those that got four hours of sleep verses eight hours of sleep, the ones that got four hours had 60% less testosterone than those that got eight. So yeah, you wouldn’t think that sleep plays such a big role. Make sure you’re getting that sleep, make sure you’re getting those fasting days in now and then, make sure that you’re focusing on your vitamin D and your sunlight, and also make sure you are lifting heavy.

As always, keep it locked in here on my videos and I will see you on the next one.


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