5 Feng Shui Ways To Bring Your Life Into Alignment And Manifest More!

5 Feng Shui Ways To Bring Your Life Into Alignment And Manifest More!



I’m all about alignment in life — thoughts, words, actions and energy matching my desired outcomes, all while feeling fantastic!

It’s the most effective way I know how to be. And, surprisingly, it has led me to work much less, say “NO” to thinks that would once be an automatic “YES” and it’s brought me so many new hobbies, mountains of wisdom and so many great ideas.

Love, wealth, creativity, synergy– it all comes easier with more alignment.

In the Feng Shui season of breakthroughs as The Breakthrough Camp is about to debut! It’s full of revolutionary Feng Shui for the Chakras, our ultimate energy alignment. With alignment on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share some lifestyle ideas (and my most recent habits in hopes that they illuminate things for you!) to create more of that fabulous feeling flow that is our greatest manifesting magic!

(dosha mat- my favorite acupressure mat)

Keep your physical energy in a flow even when you’re working a lot in one place.

I stand every twenty minutes or so when I’m working. It really does the trick to keep my energy from getting stuck and building up as physical stress.

I was sent an acupressure mat to try from Dosha, and it’s been a next-level for me in keeping the stagnation our of my body.

When you sit on acupressure mats, I’ve learned, you have to wear clothes unless you have an incredibly high pain tolerance. Now, I got into a groove with it, and I can sit on this spiky mat with pleasure, feeling it open up blocked energy channels.

I can truly feel these many points on the mat waking up my body when I sit on it for 5 minutes or so, sometimes once or a few times a day. When it’s on my desk chair I feel the energy down to my toes coming to life!

Keep food in flow for constant streams of energy.

I eat about 8 times a day now. I need that constant stream of energy. Some “meals” are enormous smoothies, some are more substantial more “traditional-seeming” meals and some are salads, grain-free cookies, endless snacks.

When I ate only a few times a day, I didn’t go hungry but I went “sub-optimal” in terms of my energy flow. My mood would dive. I wouldn’t feel as vital and creative.

You don’t have to radically change how you eat, but you may find some extra energy in snacks that are revitalizing!

Mind your mind and what you’re feeding it, too!

I could easily step away from my desk and– in five minutes of less– fill my mind with noise and filler and the most useless things from social media. I could read additional news or watch a video that destroys my focus and depresses my energy for the day.

I don’t do that any more.

I used to– and my days became super-hard for no good reason I could identify. It messed with my manifesting. It was definitely not worth it!

Notice the words you say about yourself and make them so much kinder if they are not already.

I still catch myself saying, “I’m a mess,” or some version of that when I feel a bit rushed or ungrounded. I’m looking forward to the day when I never feel compelled to say that again, but where I’m at now is monumental leaps and bounds from my old ways of self-bashing all day long.

If you have any of those “self-bashing-even-to-be-humorous” habits, notice how they make you feel. Are you making yourself a bit smaller?! A lot smaller?

A little more self-kindness brings an incredible amount of power to your days!

Practice your personal magic.

We all have intuitive gifts. It’s amazing to practice them.

I’ve been journalling out my thoughts for a long time now in a manifesting journal (see the video above) and it’s awakened me to the powers I have that I don’t use.

We all have these powers. Whether you’ve got strong gut feelings, incredibly clear dreams, incredibly strong healing powers, gifts for understanding others deeply or anything else that you identify– embrace and expand those special talents.

This is life-expanding on a huge level. It’s alignment that’s epic!

Another huge thing I have been doing lately, one I’ve wanted to share forever, is a self-love Energy Meditation made by my friend Julie Hovsepian. Her energy work is inimitable, and the whole thing leaves me feeling completely tapped into magic. And, it’s $25.00 which is bananas. I’m about to go do this right now!

It doesn’t have to take effort to get in alignment. You may truly start doing less and seeing more abundance pop up in your life. The only qualification is that it all has to feel good!

Enjoy all of this!



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