What is the best way to live? Sadhguru says, people should enjoy living with you. When you die, they should miss you!


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/a-recipe-for-self-transformation/

One of your limitations, one of your problems, one of your nonsense that people suffer around you, one of those things should go. You can’t leave all of it wholesale. At least one, shall we? Because without transformation, empty spirituality, talking spirituality, acting spiritual is no good. Some transformation must happen isn’t it? Please make that happen so that when you live people will enjoy living with you, when you die they will miss you, that’s how you should live.
On a certain day Shankran Pillai’s wife was particularly incensed about her husband. So she made a soup and put five extra spoons of chili and she came and served it. It was hot, steaming hot and she wants to see what happens. She rung her hands but he was reading the newspaper, she said the soup is ready, she said the soup is ready, she said the soup is ready and he said hmm..hmm..hmm and still reading the newspaper. Then she wanted to see if it really works whether the chili powder is adulterated. Not strong enough. So she thought let her check it up took a spoon full and just put it. It just exploded in her mouth. Tears welled up. Tears started flowing. Just at that moment Shankaran Pillai kept his newspaper down and came. He looked at her and asked why re you crying? She said you know just last year my mother died and how much she loved this soup. When I just saw this soup bowl it reminded me of my mother and tears came. Oh is that so don’t worry what to do? We all lose our mothers and fathers some time. It’s all right. Then Shankaran Pillai went back to his newspaper with the soup and reading the newspaper he put it in his mouth and it went boom like dynamite. Because this was a full spoonful. Tears came into his eyes. Then she came and said oh you are also emotional about my mother. He said no no I’m not crying because your mother died. I’m crying because that good mother left and she left you here and went. This is not the way to live. When you live people should enjoy your presence. When you die they should miss you. If the reverse happens that means we lived the wrong way. Isn’t it?

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/a-recipe-for-self-transformation/


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