About the Snake Plant

This is from an episode of “The Indoor Garden” TV show on plants that can live indoors in fairly low light. The clip here, is about the snake plant which is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. It is a wonder and an oddity. This is an appreciative look at the Sansevieria and its easy care instructions. In this show, we began each segment with a commonly asked question about houseplant care, and this plant is one answer to that question. It will work well in tight spaces, lower light. and is an easy-care plant.

For written-out care instructions for the Sansevieria or Snake Plant, click on the link below, to see my post on them at ‘The Indoor Garden’ blog:

“The Indoor Garden” TV show was videotaped in the 1990’s in the Washington, DC area. When this was made, I had worked in the commercial field of interior horticulture for seventeen years.

Please feel free to ask about any of your plants in ‘comments’

The soundtracks for “The Indoor Garden” were composed by Srini P. To hear more of his jazzy melodies click here:


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