Actual GTT Webinar Session with Dr. Richard Bartlett

Actual GTT Webinar Session with Dr. Richard Bartlett

If you have a desire to transform join Dr. Richard Bartlett for the Group Transpersonal Transformation (GTT) Session Webinar Thursday November 15, 2018 at 3 PM PT.

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Participate in this group healing session and benefit yourself, others, and the planet with the powerful group matrix created during the webinar. The group dynamic of the ‘GTT Session’ webinar means that all who register are actively involved in the directed energy that can facilitate healing and transformation in all of us! No Prerequisites.

Feedback From a GTT Session Webinar Participant
“A few days after some dental work I developed a sinus infection, eye pain and became constantly dizzy, especially in the morning and with walking and moving. Antibiotics gave minor relief and it was going on 6 weeks, I felt brain injured! I signed up for Dr. Bartlett’s GTT session and even through a collective session the relief was almost immediate. The next morning I had no dizziness and the sinus/eye pain gets better each day. I will replay this session regularly as needed!” ~ Gudrun Stanton

GTT Session webinars are presented exclusively by Dr. Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics and Master Energy Dynamics. Learn more about Richard: and


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