Apple Cider Vinegar | How it Helps Busy People with Crazy Schedules: Thomas DeLauer

Apple Cider Vinegar | How it Helps Busy People with Crazy Schedules: Thomas DeLauer



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Apple Cider Vinegar | How it Helps Busy People with Crazy Schedules: Thomas DeLauer

One to the things that I find a lot is that people come to me and they want quick nutritional hacks. They want things that they can implement without really looking like they’re on a diet, or looking like they’re really trying to take part in any kind of health initiative whatsoever. People just want simple ways to get healthier, simple ways to feel better. I thought that this video would be perfect because there’s no easier way to start getting your body healthier, and start detoxing your body so that you can do better in business and feel better, than by using this super liquid called apple cider vinegar. I know there’s tons of stuff on the Internet about apple cider vinegar. There’s stuff everywhere. We all know it’s a pretty healthy drink, but I want to go into detail about how it might help you as a businessperson, how it might help you get more focus in the office, how it might help you get more energy in the gym, and get more out of the meals that you’re eating.

Before I go into intricate detail about how you can use apple cider vinegar, let’s talk about what it is. Apple cider vinegar is basically just apple cider that’s been fermented. You’ve got the sugar in apple cider, you’ve got the sugar in apple juice, well the fermentation process allows that sugar to turn into something called an organic acid. That organic acid levels the pH with in your body. When you level the pH within your body it allows healthy bacteria and healthy flora to really flourish within your body. It’s been proven quite often that good health gut bacteria leads to a healthier brain, and also less stress.

In fact according to the official journal of the European Gastrointestinal and Motility Society, it was found that an increase in probiotics within the intestinal tract modulated neuroregulatory factors associated directly with stress. In simple human terms, by having more probiotics within your digestive tract we can directly reduce the impact of stress on our brains. As business people, we know how critical that is.

When you give your body acid in the way of apple cider vinegar or in lemon juice, it actually lowers the pH value because then your body doesn’t have to produce more acid. You see, you’re giving it an exogenous or external source of acid so naturally, internally, it reduces it.

Let’s talk about how apple cider vinegar can help you specifically, in terms of testosterone and cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar has this crazy effect on the liver. It forces the liver to become more bioproductive. What I mean by that is it allows the liver to process cholesterol easier. When the liver can process cholesterol, it allows the cholesterol to do its job in terms of getting converted into testosterone. You’ve got leydig cells within the body that take that cholesterol and convert it into testosterone later on. By improving the bioproduction of the liver, you’re improving how much testosterone can be produced. As a byproduct, you’re also going to rid your body of extra cholesterols that are floating through the bloodstream that don’t need to be utilized; in essence, the bad cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar will help you reduce that.

Let’s get into how you use it. This is where going to kind of break into a hack. This is what I’ve found, as a businessperson, the best way to use apple cider vinegar. Put it in a little teeny bottle, you don’t have to carry it around in a big bottle, and have a couple of tablespoons after every meal, plain and simple. You see, people get too crazy with it; they try to get too fancy.

There’s so many ways that you could make it taste good, but we’re all grownups here; just take a couple of tablespoons, drop it in your mouth, get it over with right after you eat, lower your blood sugar, get the benefits from it, and move on with your day. If you absolutely positively can’t do that, or you’re at home and you want to find a way to enjoy your apple cider vinegar, mix it up with some water, mix it up with some lemon juice, maybe a little bit of Stevia and some agave, and make a lemonade out of it. The acidic flavor of the apple cider vinegar actually complements the lemon, it ends up tasting really damn good.

So there you have it. A simple formula that you can use to lower your blood sugar, increase your testosterone production, lower your cholesterol, but most of all improve the healthy bacteria within your gut that’s going to help you absorb more nutrients, get more focused, and keep those cortisol levels low where they belong. So be like Johnny Appleseed. Go grab an apple, ferment it, and get back to work. See you soon.


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