Are You Looking for Solace or a Solution? | Sadhguru

Are You Looking for Solace or a Solution? | Sadhguru

As Mark Twain famously noted after his travels in India, under the banner of spirituality, humans have reached the highest peaks and the lowest depths of life, and everything in between. For the seeker who is truly interested in knowing the essential nature of life, Sadhguru says, the decision lies between looking for solace or for a solution.



I think it was Hemingway who said this. He visited certain parts of India, he visited the wrong places and he saw certain people and went back and then he said, “If you don’t eat well, if you are not dressed well, if you don’t live well you must be spiritual.” (Laughter) How is that! But at the same time… (I’m sorry) another very prominent American who is still seen as one of the keenest minds that America ever produced, Mark Twain – you read some Mark Twain here? Hmm? Mark Twain came visiting India because he was so fascinated with Indian mysticism. He found the right kind of guide who took him around and he met many people and when he was leaving, he said, “Anything that can ever be done either by man or God has been done in this land.” So, both have happened; the peaks have happened and the most horrible depths have happened. It… the question is just this are you going to be the peak or are you going to be the bottom? That’s an individual choice but now making the choice, “What do I do, where do I go?” – they are making this more and more complex and more and more deceptive.

Now, if someone is going to tell you that your dead father is in the highest heaven it’s very satisfying. Hmm? Isn’t it so? And if someone is willing to tell you your mother-in-law is in hell… (Laughter) See. If somebody is going to tell you, you yourself are going straight to heaven it is even more reassuring but is that… are you in such a childish state of mind that this is all you are seeking? Some idiot who does not know where he is going is going to tell you where you are going. (Laughter) Is that all you are looking for? So, this is a decision you have to make, “Am I looking for solace or am I looking for a solution?” If you are looking for solution then it’s a different game. If you are looking for solace it’s a different game. Solace is just cheap psychiatry, you know. “Don’t worry, everything will be okay; don’t worry, everything will be okay. God is just keeping his lap open just for you. If you die you are going to land straight in his lap.” (Laughter) See if you are going to land in God’s lap I don’t think you should postpone it for tomorrow. (Laughter) No? Isn’t it? If you are going to land in such a blessed place you should not postpone it for a moment. This is okay for somebody else, not for you, isn’t it? It’s all right to tell this to somebody, not for yourself; it doesn’t work. Isn’t it so? Yes, but something that doesn’t work we have peddled for too long. So what really works has been lost in this confusion.

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