Can You Change Your pH Balance Through Diet & Water



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Alkaline Diet | The Truth about PH Diets | Can You Change Your pH Balance Through Diet & Water- Thomas DeLauer:
Playing up on our body’s pH has allowed a lot of people to make millions of dollars talking about their various diet plans, but let me tell you something right at the beginning of this video. Your body’s pH needs to be between 7.3, and 7.45, we’re not going to change our body’s pH, so an alkaline diet, or an acidic diet, is not really a true thing, but I want to help you understand what is going on in the body.

All right, let’s talk about pH for a second. PH stands for the power of hydrogen, all it really is, is how effective the hydrogen is within your body. If we have a pH that is lower than seven, then we’re technically acidic, if we have a pH that’s a little bit higher than seven, then we’re technically alkaline, or basic. Now, our bodies are designed to operate between 7.3, and 7.45, and nothing outside of that.

If we are outside of that range, we begin to die, our cells do not function there, so where does all this stuff come in when we talk about the alkaline diet, or our bodies being too acidic, and in a diseased state, and all this stuff? Well, it all has to do with people having good intentions, and also money driven intentions, but let’s just say that it’s just good intentions for the sake of this video, okay? When it comes down to the pH, we think that foods can affect it, but really, there’s just a little bit of remnants that actually ever have any impact in our body whatsoever.

You see, when we consume foods that are too acidic, there is an acid ash that remains after the food is digested, and when we consume foods that are alkaline, or more basic, there is an alkaline, or basic ash that is left over. Think about it like this, whenever you burn wood in a fireplace, there’s an ash that’s left over, okay? Well, that same kind fo ash applies to food that’s undigested, so we have a little bit of an excess acid ash, or a little bit of an excess alkaline ash, and that’s where all these alkaline base diets come into play.

They always say that, “Okay, you leave this ash, and it’s going to change your body’s pH.” Well, it can’t really change your body’s pH, because if your blood pH changes, you would die, but where things get a little bit funky, is when we start looking at urine pH. Here’s the thing, a lot of those say, that if you go on an alkaline diet, and you utilize a urine strip to test your pH, that you’ll be able to tell that your body is more alkaline, or more acidic, and therefore prove to you whether your healthy, or unhealthy.

The thing is, the urine is a terrible way to measure this, because the urine is how your body regulates your pH. If your body is to alkaline, your body’s going to excrete alkaline components to try to get you in balance. If your body’s too acidic, then your body is going to excrete acidic components to get you in balance. Remember, I can’t overemphasize this enough, our bodies need to be in that 7.3, to 7.45 range, so it’s really interesting in how the body does this. It has to do with what’s called the acid-base homeostasis, and I’ll get to that in just a second.

The fact is, your urine will change, and that’s how your body regulates it, but what about the blood? The blood will not change, when we eat alkaline foods, it does not change our blood pH. When we eat acidic foods, it does not change our blood pH. Again, 7.3, to 7.45, but what does end up happening, is our bodies have to digest this, and sometimes that can put an extra strain on the body, which can allow a little bit of a fluctuation between that 7.3, and 7.4 range, which is truly a negligible amount to really change anything going on within the body.

This acid-base homeostasis that I talked about before, that’s the process where the kidneys regulate all of this. You see the kidneys do their very best to make sure that our body’s pH stays within that respective range.

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