Could Feng Shui be the Antidote for your Sleeplessness?

Could Feng Shui be the Antidote for your Sleeplessness?



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Photo via Refinery29

Of the 8,760 hours in any given year, each must be dispersed amongst a fairly standard set of categories: Social Affairs, Business, Pleasure, Philanthropy, Other, and, of course, Sleep.

Alas, no matter how you choose to arrange your priorities, that last one remains a requirement; sleep is a prerequisite for functionality. And while many of us do, in fact, find slumber to be a decidedly pleasurable pastime, according to a 2016 survey, nearly 68% of Americans — I among them — have regular trouble falling or staying asleep.

There is, of course, a stock explanation here: Our screen dependencies make it near impossible to turn ourselves off (technology is to blame etc. etc.), especially in an era that places a high-stakes premium on productivity. Not to mention, stress and anxiety may also contribute to sleep disorders.

On the other hand, the catalog of professed sleep solutions is quite lengthy. CBD was last year’s buzziest acronym, direct-to-consumer mattress brands are trending, and boutique vitamin distributors promise more restful nights — in addition to the roster of prescription medications and OTC supplements available. And yet, for all the recent market growth in the sleep sector, plenty of us continue to lie awake at night. So perhaps, alongside the next seed-funded cannabinoid-melatonin startup, we should also consider something old-school — historic, even.

Enter: feng shui.

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