Creating a Feng Shui Studio Apartment or One-Room Lifestyle

Creating a Feng Shui Studio Apartment or One-Room Lifestyle



Applying feng shui to a standard house comes with its own set of rules, but if you’re trying to create good feng shui to a single room or create a feng shui studio apartment, that comes with its own set of needs and challenges. There are many who rent a room in a house and want to apply feng shui to their bedroom because that space is their whole living space.

No matter whether you’re renting a studio apartment or trying to apply feng shui to your one-room living situation, you can make it happen and give your home good feng shui!

Studio apartment challenges.

For a studio that has a bathroom and kitchen and sleeping space all in one room, there are more challenging aspects because all those activities are combined in one small space. Even so, there are workarounds. Here are some of the feng shui considerations for a studio apartment and one-room living.

Designated living space.

If you are able to create a dedicated sleeping area, that will help you feel more rested and secure. Try to keep your living and sleeping areas separate if possible. For bedroom rentals, this may not be possible, but you may be able to create a faux living area by sleeping on a fold-out sofa or a futon so you’re not always in a bedroom.

Cocoon your sleeping space.

In a studio apartment, your sleeping space is critical. It’s important that you are able to sleep without seeing either the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s best if you can create a sleeping nook or delineate a separate sleeping space with curtains, bookshelves or a room divider. These create a private and protected area for you to sleep well and be more rested.

Auspicious entry.

Your entry always the start of your feng shui. Work at creating a streamlined entryway, keeping it as clear and open as possible. This allows good energy to enter your apartment and keep it from becoming stagnant and stuck – and that helps keep opportunities and income flowing.

Create organization.

It’s easy for a small space to get messy quickly, that’s what makes good organization so important. Invest in space-saving organizers and use as much available space as you can, such as under your bed to help you store more items.

What to avoid? Watch that shelves are not aimed at you when you’re sleeping and avoid mounting shelves over your bed.

Be cautious with plants.

If you live in a studio or a single room, plants should always be out of sight from the bed. Although plants are great feng shui, it’s important that your sleeping space is free of them so that your health is protected.

It may seem counterintuitive, but plants can actually harm your health and relationship energy, so that’s why it’s important that they are relegated only to living areas and not bedrooms. If your studio or rental space is single room living, such as a rented bedroom, it would be better to forgo plants altogether and opt for an image of a plant instead.

Check water fountains.

A bubbling water fountain is great feng shui, but when space is small, ensure that you turn off any water fountain at night so that you don’t hear it while sleeping. It’s also a good idea to keep your fountain small and in proportion to size of your space, and kept only in a living area. If you have a one-room apartment or bedroom, avoid water fountains and opt for a small, pretty image of water.

Use round shapes.

In small spaces, round shapes are good feng shui and good for decorating. They have no sharp corners and take up less space than square shapes. Choose round shapes for side tables, dining, and bedside tables.

Good views and good vibes.

Because you have a small space, it’s essential to keep your home’s vibration bright, happy and uplifted. Add vibrant artwork at your entryway and try to create a pretty spot for your eye to land when you walk into your apartment or room. If you have windows, add a mirror opposite the window to open up your space visually and bring in more light. Just take care not to reflect the bed in any mirror.

Understand your space.

Even small spaces need to be understood. This will help you to activate your home according to feng shui and know where your challenges are. For instance, this studio apartment shows a bagua laid over the diagram. We can see that the door is in the northwest and the windows are in the southeast.

feng shui studio apartmentDo your best to create an accurate drawing of your apartment and then by standing in the center, take a compass reading to find the directional corners (N, E, S, SW, NW, etc.). Note the corners on your floor plan, so you’ll know how to activate them.

Using the diagram shown, we can see that the living area is in the east and southeast. This makes a good spot to add a pretty plant or vase of flowers. The west, northwest, and north have the kitchen and bathrooms located here, but we don’t want to activate those areas, but activating these corners of the “living area” would be helpful.

If you’re in a bedroom or single room living area, you’ll apply the bagua the same way for a single room, but if you don’t have a delineated sleeping area, it’s best to forego plants and water fountains overall. Instead, images of plants or water will be most helpful, or you can use those colors associated with the directions. Even a blue small throw pillow in a chair or a shell on a table can make a nice stand-in for water in the north corner as an example.



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