Fat Burning Berries | How They Fight Inflammation and Body Fat!

Fat Burning Berries | How They Fight Inflammation and Body Fat!



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Fat Burning Berries | How They Fight Inflammation and Body Fat!
3 Best fat Burning Berries-
Berries are rich in:


Health Benefits:
Fight oxidative stress and reduce inflammation
Reduce obesity
Improve cardiovascular health
Anticancer properties

Particularly high in polyphenols (a type of phytochemical), folate and vitamin C.

Obesity is marked by chronic inflammation, as is type-2 diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic diseases.

A diet high in fruits and veggies has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Strawberries specifically have been shown to be a powerhouse here.

One study took two groups of obese subjects consuming a moderate-fat, standard carbohydrate meal and had one group consume a placebo and the other group consume a strawberry drink. Those that consumed the strawberry drink experienced less inflammation as measured by inflammatory markers as well as lower insulin levels post-meal.

Controlling insulin sensitivity and inflammation are key in maintaining a healthy weight as well as losing weight.

Studies have also found strawberries to help those with metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia and high blood pressure.

Important to buy organic
Organic strawberries have been found to have overall higher antioxidant activity

Sea Buckthorn berries

A super fruit that is one of the very few naturally sources of omega-7 fatty acid

Omega-7 fatty acids are believed to:
Improve insulin sensitivity
Fight inflammation in the body
Protect cardiovascular health
Help people lose weight through controlling hunger and appetite

A 2013 study on rats found that consuming palmitoleic acid, as compared to other kinds of fats and a control, led to decreased food intake.

In this study, consumption of palmitoleic acid was found to increase the levels of a hormone linked to satiety called cholecystokinin.

Black Chokeberry (Aronia Melanocarpa)

These berries are found in part of North America and Canada

Health benefits include:

What makes this berry so unique is the antioxidant activity, which is high even for a berry!

Phenolic compounds found in chokeberries have been found in studies to bind metals and thus work as metal chelators.
This reduces the prooxidative activity of iron and copper in their free states
Protects the liver, partly through similar metal chelation abilities

A properly functioning liver is crucial for weight loss and optimal health
The liver produces bile, which breaks down fat
The organ largely responsible for toxin removal
You will have more energy when your liver is healthy


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