Feng Shui & Decluttering with Anjie Cho

Feng Shui & Decluttering with Anjie Cho



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Anjie Cho

If you’re looking for a sign to refresh and rearrange your space, this is it! We have feng shui expert Anjie Cho on the podcast to talk about how you can optimize the energy flow of your space for a more nurturing and mindful home.

For some, feng shui may seem like a woo-woo concept, but as Anjie shares the reasoning behind her advice, you’ll find yourself saying, “Oh, that makes sense. I’d want to face that way too. That seems right to me.” Best of all: Feng shui is for everyone. I promise you’ll walk away from this episode with at least one thing in mind to change in your home for better energy and less stress.

In this episode we explore:

  • 1:16 – Feng Shui 101: What does it mean to have good energy flow?

  • 4:00 – The best way to position your bed, desk, and stove for less stress

  • 9:41 – Thoughts on teaching an ancient Eastern spiritual practice in the West

  • 16:59 – How to declutter and do your spring cleaning with feng shui in mind

  • 21:06 – The one type of item you should and shouldn’t have in your home

  • 24:40 – When is the right or wrong time to start implementing feng shui at home?

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