Feng Shui for When Your Money Goes Too Quickly

Feng Shui for When Your Money Goes Too Quickly



From time to time, everyone has experienced a dilemma when there’s too much month at the end of the money. Expenses can come up suddenly such as an unexpected trip to the emergency room, or an expensive house repair presents itself. It can happen to anyone.

Then, there’s just a case of where money is always a problem and it simply goes too quickly despite your best efforts. You may wonder how to attract money with feng shui, but it’s important to stop the leaks and drains of wealth energy around your house first.

By looking at potential leaks and losses from the outset, you can help stop the drain on your money and then you can confidently apply feng shui to attract prosperity to your life.

Check for poison arrows.

This is one of the most common ways that money is lost quickly. When the front door to your home lines up with a back door or a window, this is called a poison arrow. This causes money to be drained too quickly from your income. Living expenses and surprise bills can both show up and be draining. It can also happen if you can see out the rear of your house when you stand at your front door.

One way to stop the outward flow is to block the view to the back door or window with a screen, curtain, or a plant. You can also slow it down by hanging 5 faceted crystal balls in a row from the ceiling between the doors or window, but a visual block is always the most effective.

Seeing the toilet from the front door.

Whenever you enter your house, it’s important not to view a toilet from your front door, or money will fail to accrue. Find a way to block the view of the toilet so that you don’t see it from the front door.

This can also happen if there is a toilet over your front door on the second floor. This is quite inauspicious and can cause money loss. If your home is arranged this way, keep your foyer light on to help lift the income and wealth chi at your front door.

Burning through money from the fireplace.

Another potential for loss of money is if you can see the fireplace from the front door or if the fireplace is opposite the front door. Again, this requires some type of block such as a screen or curtain of you can literally and so symbolically burn through money too fast.

Reflecting the front door in a mirror.

Always ensure that a mirror is never placed opposite the front door or it will push income and opportunity right back out every time you enter the house. It’s also important to check all the mirrors in the house. One client of mine had placed a mirror very high on a wall and you could not see the front door in the mirror, but when you went upstairs, you could see the front door reflected perfectly. This was the source of money loss in this home.

There is no path or walkway to the front door or the pathway is obstructed or broken.

Chi is an energy that requires a path to follow. That’s why streets conduct water so easily in a rainstorm; they allow the water to move easily. When there is only grass going to your front door, this can cause you to have financial difficulties. A solid concrete path is the best way to ensure energy flows to your front door.

Currently, there are walkways to the front door that are made up of slabs that have stones between them. This break in the smooth flow of chi will cause the financial flow to weaken. A smooth, solid path is the best way to conduct money chi to your home.

Water leaks are draining your finances.

Whether it’s a faucet or tap that drips slowly or there’s a leak that’s undetected, water lost is wealth lost. Check all pipes and faucets for leaks and repair anything that isn’t drip-free. Be sure to check exterior faucets and underneath sinks for leaks. This can also include toilets that have lost their seal and frequently have to refill — this, too, is a source of money loss.

A bathtub that can be seen from bed can cause both financial loss and harm health and relationships

Seeing your toilet or bathroom sink or shower from bed.

You should not see, nor hear water, while you’re sleeping. If there is any sink, shower, toilet or tub you can see while you’re in bed, you may not just lose money, but imperil your health. This can cause a loss of health, which leads to mounting medical bills. Ensure that you can’t see any type of plumbing from your bed.

The rear of the home slopes away from the house.

When there is lack of support from behind, the house can pull your financial energy down with it. A house requires good support from behind, so if yours slopes away, add a stand of five trees or a lamp post at the rear of the property to help lift the energy and give your home support, and stop wealth chi from running away.

The bed is on the same wall as the door.

Unpleasant surprises that cost you financially can occur when your headboard is lined up on the same wall as the door. Ensure that your bed is always across from the doorway and where you can see it easily.




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