Feng Shui Must-Haves for Your Living Room

Feng Shui Must-Haves for Your Living Room



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image credit: FollowTheFlow/Getty Images via  The Spruce

image credit: FollowTheFlow/Getty Images via The Spruce

Inviting Seating

There are a few approaches to arranging furniture with good feng shui in the living room.

First, you should ensure your home has comfortable seating. It makes a huge difference if everyone is cozy and relaxed. And it doesn’t have to be just sofas and armchairs. You can create mini-spaces like a side table with some chairs.

Also, try to provide enough seating for everyone in the home with some extra for guests. Then, take the time to arrange the furniture so that when you sit you’re facing others. The idea is to encourage conversation. If possible, minimize any seats that have the back facing the door

Also try out each spot to sit in your seating area to make sure it’s a comfortable place to linger and chat.

Living Green House Plants

One of the five elements in feng shui is wood. Wood invokes kindness, flexibility, and compassion.

Placement of well cared for living green plants bring the wood element into the living room where we connect with others. Plants also bring in vital life force energy and nature.

If possible, it’s best to select healthy plants with rounded and soft leaves. But, if there’s a pointy plant you are attached to, like aloe, it’s okay to keep around if you love it!

If you truly have no light in the living room, you can substitute real plants with fake ones. Keep in mind though, that your fake plants must be high quality and look very realistic

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by Anjie Cho

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