Feng Shui South Corner of Fame, Success and Recognition

Feng Shui South Corner of Fame, Success and Recognition

by Kathryn Weber

The rewards of hard work manifest themselves in the south corner in feng shui. This is the corner that relates to the material possessions that mark us as successful, such as a nice car, a home, fancy jewelry, clothes, vacation and the ability to do things with our money for our enjoyment.

Long called the fame and recognition corner, the south is more than just your name on a marquee or in print or social media. This is the type of energy that helps you be promoted at your job, selected for a new position, and for enjoying a positive reputation and good social standing at work and in your social life.

The south is the sector that is symbolized by the phoenix, the bird that burns up and then rises from the ashes. It’s the fire energy that represents the height and heat of summer, red colors, and the ability to be recognized for your hard work and dedication.

Here are more important tips and details about the south that could help you become top of mind for the next promotion or see to it that you outshine your competition in any job or business opportunity that comes to you!

Summer is the lucky time of year for the south.

Because the south relates to fire, its season is summer. All directions have seasons associated with them and the hot days of summer are when the chi of the south is strongest.

This is a good time to double down on putting your name out for promotions and job or business opportunities. Keep an image of a bird, whether that’s a phoenix, flamingo, or rooster in your south corner to help you rise in prominence.

Horses activate recognition and victory energy.

The horse is the zodiac sign for the south corner, and images of horses help you to gain a favorable reputation or speed recognition your way. Place these in the south corner of your home, living room, or office to invite success and a lifestyle of ease and enjoyment. The Chinese Ming horses are excellent representations of class and stature.

Tribute horses help you triumph.

If you’re in a competitive situation, a picture or symbol of the tribute horse will help bring you success over your competition. The tribute horse is generally featured with a saddle brimming with precious items, and they were once presented to the victor after battles. Placed in the south corner of your home, the tribute horse represents promotion and a rise in prominence.

Sun figures and images activate feng shui fame and recognition energy.

Enjoy your place in the spotlight.

To give you great public relations and fame energy, add a symbol of the sun in the south corner of your home, office, or living room. The sun is a very potent activator for the south sector and helps blind everyone to all others except you.

Adding a wall decoration or image of the sun will help you create more friendships, social opportunities, and recognition energy. The sun is also the symbol of the summer, the season of fame and recognition, so adding it here will help to brighten your name and standing.

The south is symbolized by fire.

It’s important that the south portion of your home is kept well lighted. This helps to keep the fire energy associated with the south corner charged and invigorated to help you with promotions, receiving recognition for your efforts and bring success and material rewards to your life.

The south is symbolized by the fire element and the color red.

Fire is a strong energy and can bring great success, but it must be controlled. Too much fire can create problems, just as too little fire can create a lack of inertia in life. Fire represents important yang energy and can help you get unstuck in your life.

The fire element can be symbolized by a triangle shape displayed in the south corner. As long as triangles don’t point at your front door or a bed, they are harmless and can help introduce vital chi and renewed energy to your life. Red colors are also helpful in the south corner, but use them carefully. Too much red can create too much fire energy, especially in the bedroom where it can create restless sleep.

The south corner relates to the number 9.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life, the number 9 will help you create one. By making 9 changes, you can help jumpstart your life, energy, career or wherever you make those nine changes. Need a new outlook? Move 9 pictures in your home.

Looking for a change in your career or your business? Find nine ways you can make improvements or changes, put out nine resumes for new jobs, or add nine new offers to your customers. In your home, move nine objects in your house – or a single sector where you feel stuck – such as moving nine items in your north career sector to jumpstart your income, career or business.

Fire and south sector warnings.

Always keep the fire element in perspective. A little red color, or fire symbols or elements can make the difference between standing in the shadows and standing on a red carpet, but too much can create nervous exhaustion, loss of standing, and a ruined reputation.

Watch, too, for fire elements and red colors in the bedroom and kitchen. They can be overstimulating and prevent rest. In the kitchen, red cabinets and colors can cause disturbances in relationships or arguments.

Strenuously avoid having water in the south sector or your reputation could suffer or you’ll lack opportunities to get ahead and be relegated to the background of life. If you have water in the south sector, like a bathroom, be sure to add fire elements, such as red lamp or a sun image in the south corner of your living room.



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