Feng Shui To Clear Away Beliefs That Hold You Back!

Feng Shui To Clear Away Beliefs That Hold You Back!

It’s always interesting for me to see the ways that I’ve talked about belief in my dreams, acted in ways that would suggest I believe in my own, and then, in the most core ways, I’ve realized I’ve lacked faith and trust in a few of my own.

These are the moments I love– seeing what I didn’t see.

It’s the only real way to change the deeper things, you know? It’s opening up the closet and clearing out the clutter. Even when that process isn’t glamorous to start, the results are beyond glamour.

Today, let’s look at how your environment reflects beliefs and how you can use your space to strengthen your faith in yourself and your dreams!

This is the goal, right? Dreaming it and then living it in real life.

There are a few basic ways your home can help you move to a place where you believe more deeply in your dreams, and they are all pretty invigorating:

Know you are worthy. You are!

Feeling unworthy can show up as clutter piled up or stuffed away. It might show up as broken things with no plan to repair, unfinished projects or furniture you don’t like but don’t want to refinish or donate…. and so much more.

Repairs and re-vamping of spaces may seem minor, but it’s major for reflecting super-high self worth.

I just did a round of clothing and shoe repairs that changed my wardrobe and my sense of worthiness in ways I wasn’t expecting. I felt so resourceful and eco-minded and upgraded all at once!

Know your power.

Power is shown in space in so many ways, but the most simple one to see is this:

How much does your home reflect your true style?

If you feel your style reflected everywhere at home, that’s a powerful and love-filled affirmation of your creative power and your connection to your space.

If it doesn’t feel like “you”, dig in and make it more “you.”

I just hung an incredible Thai tapestry that is 100% my style instead of a washed out placeholder that was on the wall that was not for me.

It’s like night and day how much more powerful I feel when I see it.

Get creative and see your style in your space!

Know there’s no scarcity.

One of the reasons for clutter pile up— “I may need this one day…”

One of the reasons to hold yourself back from growth and personal development— “It’s too extravagant to spend money on this stuff.”

One of the reasons to stay in toxic relationships of all kinds– “What if there’s not another one?”

At home it also manifests as not enough light, not enough Nature and an overall feeling of starkness or hyper-cluttering.

It’s all based on the idea that life is limited and you may not have any other chances to get, to do or to earn.

More on this is here:

And, you can break free of it right now!

Bring in an abundance of Nature, an abundance of fruit, an abundance of art… and feel the abundance that comes from growth!

While these ideas may hit the nail on the head for some and not for others, they are the pretty core ideas that I work on with clients in infinite ways. Worthy. Loved. Powerful. Abundant.

If they aren’t the key for you, see if you can brainstorm something that really resonates as the key for you. It may be something you think you’ve mastered.

I saw this amazing quote: “Spend some time working on the thing you’ve convinced yourself you don’t need to work on.”

That’s often me, working on the things I thought I had already “worked through.”

There’s always a next level to hit.

You may find there are things that you’ve just become accustomed to that you really don’t want, and beneath those emotions or habits or states of being are beliefs that are just waiting for you to clear them away.

The one thing that helps me the most:

Focus on the positives, even if you’re in the thick of it. Appreciate. Love. Gratitude flowing. All the positives. All the greatness.

When you’re really in the energy of KNOWING that you’re going to experience your intentions coming to life and your dreams coming true, you’ll see how incredibly fast things start to change for the very best.

All the polishing and scrubbing and the rest of it will have been 100% worth it!



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