Five Wallpapers for the Five elements

Five Wallpapers for the Five elements



Here’s some of my new favorite wall papers that express the five elements!



The Fire element is represented by the color red, and this is definitely a fiery wall paper.

This leaves form triangular shapes, which also represent the Fire element. Fire element is about inspiration, passion, and being recognized in the world.

Not only is this a statement piece for your home, it’s impressive how easy it is this put up this wallpaper. They take the headache out of a DIY wallpaper installation.

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Wood element is all about new beginnings and is related the colors blue and green. This is a beautiful wallpaper, the blue is perfect to inspire the wood element in your home.

Also, Feldspar is a group of rock-forming minerals, one of which is my favorite Labradorite, which has a green/blue iridescence.


Available at:



Wavy patterns and very dark colors like black and charcoal invoke the Water element. This is an elegant example of both.

I also love that you can install it vertically or horizontally! Vertically it’s like a waterfall, and horizontally it feels more placid and still like a deep ocean.

Available at:



Earthy colors and neutrals are very supportive and stable. The square shapes in this wallpaper quiet and subtle wall paper also welcome the earth element.

It’s also good for your self-care because this “peel-and-stick” wall paper is forgiving and easy to install!

Available at: timberleaMineral-Etsy


We fell in love with this charming wallpaper. The cool and metallic colors as well as the circular shapes beckon the Metal element in your space. The metal element invites in beauty, joy and precision.

It’s lovely design is versatile and can be hung in a variety of rooms such as a nursery or foyer.

Available at: Aimee Wilder

by Anjie Cho

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