‘GTT Sessions’ Webinar With Dr. Richard Bartlett

‘GTT Sessions’ Webinar With Dr. Richard Bartlett

Experience the phenomena of personal, group, and global transformation at Dr. Richard Bartlett’s ‘GTT Sessions’ Webinar Wednesday, June 15, 2016 At 3 PM PDT! Reg Now: http://tinyurl.com/hdl5tlp Learn More: http://tinyurl.com/zct2hlw

GTT Participant Experience:
“I experienced energy flowing up through my spinal cord, chakra seven was completely open. I can still feel the energy.” ~Jeanette Sotelo
“A highlight for me was to feel an energetic release in my upper back. I was pleasantly surprised to feel actual physical changes and energetic vibrations throughout my body. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you!” ~Amberleigh Carter

“I experienced a very deep meditative state, the feeling of physical release with the cranium, neck region, no longer tensed up or tight, it felt like my shoulders dropped 11 inches. The Modules for immune felt as if someone’s hand reached inside my stomach area and removed issues.” ~Fran Mah

“I experienced profound shifts. So very appreciative. The lovingness of being in the field brings possibilities and change. We are blessed. Gratitude.” ~Dennis Plane


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